15 Essential Things to Do in Boracay

Things have changed, and Boracay is once again open for business, but this no longer a party, backpacker island.

It’s more of a family affair, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for a relaxed beachside getaway in spectacular surroundings.

1. Relax on White Beach


This long stretch of beach is wonderfully soft to walk upon because the pure white sand here is glorious.

2. Swim Out to Willy’s Rock

Halfway along the length of White Beach, you’ll come across Willy’s Rock, one of the most unique natural attractions on the island.

3. Escape the Crowds at Diniwad Beach

A dramatic pathway leads you around the rocky cliffs, as the surf crashes into them, but brave the walk and you’ll emerge at Diniwad Beach.

4. Hike Up Mount Luho

There’s a 360-degree viewing platform at the top of Mount Luho, and you’ll be able to see for miles out across not just Boracay but the surrounding ocean and islands too.

5. Enjoy a Helicopter Flight

It’s surprisingly good value on Boracay, and you can book scenic flights that will take you high up above the island, for a bird’s eye view of the beaches far below.

6. Do Some Island Hopping

This is the best way to explore Boracay’s best beaches and the smaller islands that are found off the coast.

7. Visit Crocodile Island

It’s usually a stop on island-hopping itineraries because the waters around Crocodile Island are protected and are perfect for snorkeling.

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