21 EPIC Things To Do In Kaikoura, New Zealand

The abundance of epic things to do in Kaikoura easily made it our favorite destination in the South Island. It is very small, with one main part of town and charm that only small towns can radiate.

Despite the fact that it is a small place, there is an abundance of nature, culture, food, and history options to enjoy during a visit.


This area boasts a resident New Zealand fur seal population that allows you to get an up-close and personal look at these amazing animals in their natural environment.

Visit the Seal Colony

The waters off the coast offer opportunities to catch your own dinner and you’ll find plenty of fishing charters ready to take visitors out to the best spots.

Go Fishing

Take an Albatross Spotting Tour

Local guides know where to find them, and you’ll also be given some interesting guided talks at the same time that will give you a new appreciation of the Albatross.

Kaikoura Beach is found close to town, and although much of it is pebbly, you can find sandy areas further away that make for great lounging areas.

Enjoy the Kaikoura Beach

Check Out the Fyffe House- Whaling Museum

A visit will provide you with the opportunity to see the whalebone floor and learn about the history of the whales in Kaikoura.

A well-marked trail leads to the summit from a car park near the base, and the return journey takes on average 8 hours, depending on your level of fitness.

Climb Mount Fyffe

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