15 Awesome Things to do in Manila

Manila is a huge megacity that’s home to millions of people, a sprawling metropolis that few travelers hang around in for long.

This is where you’ll find the best museums in the country, alongside the walled city of Intramuros that’s full of historic, colonial relics.


You can walk along the tall walls that still stand around Intramuros, strolling past Spanish cannon and reading the intriguing historical plaques on the way.

Explore the Intramuros

The church has been destroyed on at least 7 occasions and the structure you see today is the 8th reincarnation, with war and natural disasters have taken their toll.

See the Manila Cathedral

Fort Santiago

An impressive colonial relic that forms part of the walled city, and it’s one of the best things to do in Manila if you’re interested in history.

Rizal Park

In the late afternoon as the sun begins to set and the temperature lowers, then all of Manila seems to visit Rizal Park to enjoy the laid back atmosphere and cool evening breeze.

Manila Bay

You can stroll along the edge of the bay at the forefront of the city, you can also enjoy evening dinner and sunset cruises across the water for spectacular views of the city skyline.

Corregidor Island

You can find a memorial to those who died on all sides, while many of the siege tunnels can be explored.

This is one of the best places in the city to delve into the culinary scene, as the mixed Filipino-Chinese history has given Binondo some of the best restaurants and dishes in Manila.


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