30 Philippines Pictures To Inspire Your Next Vacation

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Looking for some travel inspiration? The Philippines is one of those places that everyone dreams about but few people actually visit. This is an utter shame! Which is why we’ve put together some of our favorite Philippines pictures to convince you to visit. 

The country is absolutely stunning and while most people think only of the beaches, which there are plenty to be found, the country also offers a rich diversity both under and above the water with its colorful culture.

Our goal with these Philippines photos is to have you put in for your next vacation.

You can imagine that selecting a limited number of images to showcase here was a challenge, but these are some of the photos we feel the best capture the essence of what it is like to travel in the Philippines

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30 Philippines Pictures To Inspire Your Next Vacation

(All photos created and owned by Lina Stock & Divergent Travelers)

White Beach Boracay - Philippines pictures
1. White Beach on Boracay Island
Chocolate Hills Philippines
2. Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island
Philippines Photos Bohol
3. Local farmer plowing rice fields on Bohol Island
Coron Island Philippines Photos
4. Limestone cliffs and clear waters off Coron
Boracay sunset Philippines
5. Sunset over White Beach on Boracay Island
Puerto Galera Philippines Photos
6. Turquoise Waters in Puerto Galera
Coron Town Philippines Photos
7. Coron Town street scene
Culion Leper Colony Philippines Photos
8. View of Culion Leper Colony, Northern Palawan
Culion Philippines Photos
9. Choir class on Culion Island, Northern Palawan
Sunset Philippines Photos
10. Sunset on a remote island somewhere between Coron and El Nido, Palawan
Camping in the Phillipines Kayaking Philippines Photos
11. The perfect camping spot between Coron and El Nido, Northern Palawan
 Philippines Photos
12. Sunset over the water from a Banca boat in Northern Palawan
Coron Island Philippines Photos
13. Clearwater, coral and limestone cliffs near Coron Island
 Philippines Photos
14. Young Filipino boy fishing near Coron Island
Bususanga Islands Philippines Photos
15. Jungle lunch and a swimming hole on Busuanga Island
Calauit Island Philippines Photos
16. Welcome to Calauit Island, Northern Busuanga
Giraffe zebras Calauit Island Philippines Photos
17. Zebras and Giraffes at Camp Calauit, Northern Busuanga
 Philippines Photos
18. Local transport on Busuanga Island
Kayaking Busuanga Island Philippines Photos
19. Kayak adventures at Palawan Sandcastles on Busuanga Island
Sunset Busuanga Island Philippines Photos
20. Sunset from the beach on Busuanga Island
 Philippines Photos
21. Morning coastal view from Busuanga Island
Bususanga Island sunrise Philippines Photos
22. Misty morning view in Northern Palawan
Puerto Galera Philippines Photos
23. Palms and sun on Puerto Galera
Bohol Island Philippines Photos
24. Bright green rice fields on Bohol Island
El Nido Palawan Philippines Photos - Charlie on Travel
25. Serene views of El Nido in the evening light, Palawan Island
Palawan Philippines Photos
26. Hut with a view on a remote island in Northern Palawan
Crowning Glory Reef Philippines Photos
27. Underwater splendor at Crowning Glory Reef off Culion Island
Nemo Philippines Photos
28.  Finding Nemo while snorkeling in Northern Palawan
 Philippines Photos
29. Shimmery teal waters of the coasts on Linapacan Island
White Beach Boracay Philippines Photos
30.  Umbrella beach view on White Beach, Boracay Island

If these Philippines pictures don’t have you scanning the internet for plane tickets, well, then I don’t know what will.

Of course, these Philippines pictures only scratch the surface of this beautiful and diverse country and these photos only showcase the experiences of our travels and those of our contributors.

The Philippines leaves much more to be discovered and of course, I have thousands of more photos I could share.

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30 thoughts on “30 Philippines Pictures To Inspire Your Next Vacation”

  1. These are really amazing, Lina! I can’t believe these amazing places (some of them) existed. I am familiar with some of the places you have listed above and some are new to me. I love all the photos, it looks so stunning and the views too are just so amazing. I wish I could go there someday. Anyways, thanks for sharing this, Lina!

  2. Awesome post!
    We spent the last Christmas in the Philippines and loved it… check out our blog if you need more inspiration or tips.

  3. You weren’t kidding were you?! I need to be there now! That camping spot looks like an incredible place to wake up!

  4. Amazing photos! Palawan looks fabulous!! The Philippines are definitely on My Travel Bucket List. Hopefully sooner than later. 🙂

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing! We were really disappointed that we did get the chance to visit the Philippines when we were in Asia last year – but we will definitely make it there some time soon!

  6. Great shots! I especially like the Northern Palawan hut and Chocolate Hills snapshots.

    Try visiting Bukidnon and Sagada next time. 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanks for stopping in. The Philippines are beautiful and we have a whole list of places to explore on a return visit. 🙂

  7. Hey guys – thanks for sharing our photo! We absolutely loved our time in the Philippines, but three weeks was just too little. We can’t wait to get back and discover it properly!

    • I agree!! We spent 4 weeks there and barely scratched the surface. It’s a great country to explore with so many things to see.

    • It is a not miss area in the Philippines, for sure! That whole area between Busuanga/Coron and the island of Palawan is just plain stunning. Enjoy when you make it back!

  8. Each photo is so scenic and inviting. It’s hard to pick one favorite! 🙂 Philippines looks like a country I’d want to visit. The Chocolate Hills intrigue me the most!

    • The Chocolate hills are very beautiful and different. Totally worth a visit to Bohol to see them. The Philippines is a gorgeous country with much to see and do. Hope you make it there in your future travels!

    • Hi Nat, thanks for your submission, it was our pleasure to include it. The Philippines is so beautiful in so many different ways. Happy Travels you two! 🙂

  9. Hi Lina,

    Thanks for rocketing me from my lounge room in Byron Bay straight to the Philippines. That was magical. Bulabog Beach and those hills on Batanes look amazing.

    • The scuba diving all over the Philippines seems to be fabulous! Not only does it have great beaches and scenery but you can dive and snorkel on some of the best reefs in the World! We got our PADI Advanced Open Water in Puerto Galera. Just a stunning country all around. 🙂

    • Hi Sab! Yes, the Philippines are a magical place. We spent a month there in November and I am just getting a chance to sift through all the photos we took. So many to choose from. We’re in the process of putting together photo posts to showcase all the destinations we’ve visited. Thanks for stopping in.


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