27 Things You Should Know About Alaska Before You Visit

Who doesn’t want to hop in their car or board a plane for Alaska to explore the last great American frontier? Many people do and so did we.

To help our fellow travelers prepare for this amazing destination, we’ve jotted down our best bits of ‘wish we’d known for you. This stuff will help you and the locals that you meet along the way.


Most things in Alaska are more expensive than the lower 48, so do not just think you will buy it once you are here.

1. Costs in Alaska Are High

2. Alaska Is Huge

It is huge, so do not just think you are going to do a two-week road trip to Alaska. Alaska is the largest state in the United States.

3. You Can Get Sunburnt in Alaska

There aren’t endless dark days like you think. The sun always rises and it may only peek out for 3-4 hours on the shortest day but there is still light.

4. The Climate

The interior region of Alaska enjoys hot summers that can reach up to 100. If you are chasing northern lights in the winter months it is normally 10-20 degrees outside.

5. Alaska Has Earthquakes

Did you know many areas of Alaska are on or near a fault-line? Alaska has earthquakes all of the time, yes most of the time they are small and not too dangerous at all.

6. Wild Animals Aren’t Everywhere

Most travelers hope to see animals such as moose, bears, otters, and whales on a trip to Alaska, however, you may not be that lucky. Sorry, it’s just reality.

7. Limited Or No Cell Phone Service

Just keep in mind Alaska is huge so it is going to be impossible for cellphone providers to be able to cover every square mile.

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