Where To Travel Without a Passport: Tropical Beaches and Exotic Places

Despite the fact that roughly 64% of Americans do not have a passport, there are still a few places to travel without a passport requirement.

These destinations do not require a USA passport to travel to, either because they are already a state or are considered a US territory.

You don’t have to travel on a passport to experience a different culture and lounge on a beach and Puerto Rico is one of the best places to travel without a passport.


Made up of two islands, St. Thomas and St. John, the US Virgin Islands is a classic Caribbean paradise escape that doesn’t require a passport to visit.

You can head to American Samoa without a US passport. This South Pacific US territory is made up of 5 islands and 2 atolls with scenery.

More than just beaches and tropical weather, Guam is all about experiencing the culture of the Chamorro people that are born as American citizens.

The Northern Mariana Islands are known for their hiking and biking opportunities.

Many of the islanders maintain their Polynesian heritage so a visit to Hawaii can be like a visit to French Polynesia, no passport required.

The long stretch of islands that leave the USA mainland and from the  Florida Keys is as exotic as you can get without flying from the states to an island.

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