15 Unreal Maldives Beaches You Cannot Miss

The beaches in the Maldives are some of the best in the world. You’d go crazy trying to visit them all during your trip too.

The archipelago is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and there's mile after mile of white sand beaches and pristine coastline waiting to be explored.


It's an artificial beach created by construction work on the island, but this is where many of the locals go to enjoy their downtime.

1. Male

2. Hulhumale Beach

In many ways, it’s the future of the Maldives – this is a country with limited space that’s being forced to adapt quickly to rising population numbers and sea levels!

3. Maayafushi

Enjoy the clean, white sand, and spend your days relaxing or exploring the colorful coral reefs that await you just off the beach.

4. Maamigili

The sand running around the perimeter of the island is wonderfully soft, and palm trees rise from the center of Maamigili to frame the beaches.

5. Dhuni Kolhu

The beaches are perfectly pristine, but the best part is that you can just wade out into the water to swim among the corals and marine life.

6. Biyadhoo Island

While the beaches and scenery are fantastic, guests primarily stay at the one resort on the island for the excellent diving opportunities.

7. Baros Island

This tropical resort island is the essence of the Maldives, where you can find luxurious overwater bungalows stretching out from the white sand beaches.

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