15 Unreal Maldives Beaches You Cannot Miss

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The beaches in the Maldives are some of the best in the world. You’d go crazy trying to visit them all during your trip too.

The archipelago is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and there’s mile after mile of white sand beaches and pristine coastline waiting to be explored. 

With countless islands, atolls, and reefs to enjoy, the Maldives is the perfect destination for beach lovers. From the white sands of Male to the romantic idylls of Cocoa Island, here are the Maldives beaches you just can’t miss!

We spent 7 days sailing, scuba diving, and enjoying some of the best beaches in the Maldives on a liveaboard cruise on the Maldives Dhoni Explore.

15 Unreal Maldives Beaches

1. Male

Artificial Beach Male, Maldives

Male is the capital of the Maldives, but it’s often overlooked as a beach destination despite having plenty of great sand nearby; many travelers will make a beeline straight for the islands.

That said, hanging out in Male is one of the best things to do in the Maldives during your trip, so you shouldn’t miss it.

We recommend hanging around, checking out the museums and the markets, and then spending the rest of the day relaxing on the beach. 

One of the most popular beaches is Artificial Beach. Yes, it’s an artificial beach created by construction work on the island, but this is where many of the locals go to enjoy their downtime.

It’s a lovely place, and it’s totally different from the rest of the island beaches and tourist-centric resorts you’ll be visiting later!

The best places to stay in Male, Maldives:

2. Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach near Male, Maldives

Another great Maldives beach to visit that’s close to the capital is Hulhumale Beach. Located on an entirely reclaimed island, Hulhumale is purpose-built.

In many ways, it’s the future of the Maldives – this is a country with limited space that’s being forced to adapt quickly to rising population numbers and sea levels!

Like many of the beaches near Male, this is a public beach popular with the locals. It’s a great chance to see local life, but remember to cover up and follow local customs. 

Best places to stay on or near Hulhumale in the Maldives:

3. Maayafushi

Sandy beach strip off Maayafushi, Maldives

Part of the enduringly popular Ari Atoll, the small island of Maayafushi is home to some of the best beaches in the Maldives. 

In fact, this small island is mostly sand. It’s surrounded by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

As with many islands in the Maldives, this is a resort island, but the Maayafushi resort is home to a collection of laid back bungalows built in a fantastically local style. 

Enjoy the clean, white sand, and spend your days relaxing or exploring the colorful coral reefs that await you just off the beach. 

Best places to stay on or near Maayafushi in the Maldives:

4. Maamigili

Small luxury resort on the island of Maamigili in the Maldives

One of the best beaches in the Maldives is Maamigili. Part of the wider Raa Atoll, Maamigili is small but beautiful. The whole island is less than a mile long and barely half a mile at its widest point. 

The sand running around the perimeter of the island is wonderfully soft, and palm trees rise from the center of Maamigili to frame the beaches.

Loama Resort Maldives is found on the island, comprised primarily of fantastic overwater bungalows that stretch out into the Indian Ocean. 

Uniquely, the resort is also home to one of the Maldive’s most fascinating cultural museums, where you can discover many local artifacts and archeological finds.

5. Dhuni Kolhu

Sunbeds under the palm tree on a beach on Dhuni Kolhu island, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Part of the Baa Atoll, Dhuni Kolhu island is one of the most iconic islands in the Maldives. That’s because you can find some of the best Maldives beaches in the archipelago here, not to mention one of the best resorts. 

The Coco Palm is well known for its incredible overwater bungalows. The entire island is part of a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so there’s a focus on sustainability.

The beaches are perfectly pristine, but the best part is that you can just wade out into the water to swim among the corals and marine life.  

6. Biyadhoo Island

Tropical island Biyadhoo, Maldives

Just a few miles away from the capital, Male, you can find the beautiful islands of the South Male Atoll.

One of the most pristine islands to visit is Biyadhoo Island, where you can explore a relatively undeveloped landscape, including wonderful beaches and a dense jungle interior. 

While the beaches and scenery are fantastic, guests primarily stay at the one resort on the island for the excellent diving opportunities.

You can wade off the beaches or take small boats out to the surrounding coral. The diving around Biyadhoo is often said to be some of the best you can find right off any Maldives beaches!

Best place to stay on Biyadhoo island in the Maldives: Biyadhoo Island Resort

7. Baros Island

Baros Island, Maldives

If you’re looking for a quintessential Maldives beaches experience, look no further than a vacation on Baros Island.

This tropical resort island is the essence of the Maldives, where you can find luxurious overwater bungalows stretching out from the white sand beaches. 

The resort and the island are small, charming, and set far away from the rest of the world. White sands surround the entire island, and as the villas are built over water, most of the beaches are undisturbed. 

Best place to stay on Baros island in the Maldives: Baros Maldives

8. Landaa Giraavaru

Over water bungalows on Landaa Giraavaru island, Maldives

Part of the Baa Atoll, the beaches of Landaa Giraavaru are as well-known for the luxury villas found here as for the pristine sand and coral reefs surrounding the island.  

Landaa Giraavaru is where you’ll find the luxurious Four Seasons Resort, one of the most popular – but most expensive – resorts in the Maldives. 

The luxury villas overlook the white sands of the island itself. You can relax in the villa, spend the night in luxury, and step straight onto one of the best Maldives beaches in the country in the morning!

9. Dhiggiri

Lina Stock of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog enjoying the waters around Dhiggiri Island, Vaavu Atoll, Maldives.

Part of the lesser-known Vaavu Atoll, the small yet beautiful island of Dhiggiri is home to a fantastic resort and splendid white sand beaches.

Dhiggiri isn’t as popular as other islands because it’s further away from the capital by seaplane. 

If you’re looking for quiet and solitude, this is the perfect destination. You can stay in overwater bungalows with easy access to the beaches and the water or enjoy the pleasant surroundings of a beach bungalow directly on the sand. 

Dhiggiri was just one of the many islands we explored while sailing the Maldives for 7 days.

10. Milaidhoo

Beach hammock hanging on a palm tree on on Milaidhoo Island, Maldives

If you’re looking for soft white sands that shimmer in the sunlight, look no further than a stay on Milaidhoo island, where the beaches are some of the best in the Maldives.

Milaidhoo is all part of a fantastic UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so you can rest assured that the white sands are perfectly pristine and cared for by the luxury resort.

The surrounding waters are teeming with marine life; you can snorkel right off the beach amid the vibrant coral reefs. 

Best place to stay on Milaidhoo island in the Maldives: Milaidhoo Island Maldives

11. Cocoa Island

Candlelit dinner on Cocoa Island in the Maldives

Cocoa Island is home to the fabulous Como Resort, a luxury hotel perfect for honeymooners and couples looking to escape the rest of the world.

Cocoa Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches, but it’s the long tidal sandbars that really make this a special place. 

You can dine in romance and luxury as the shallow waves lap around your feet, and enjoy the peace and serenity as you lounge on an isolated beach surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

12. Maafushi

Maafushi island beach in the Maldives

Maafushi is an excellent island to aim for if you’re looking for superb beaches, but less of the luxury and high prices that you find on many smaller, private islands.

There are plenty of hotels on Maafushi that won’t break the bank, but the beaches are perfectly beautiful too. 

Maafushi has more of a social appeal to it. The beaches are always busy and bustling, with a holiday spirit that you don’t really find on the more secluded, romantic getaway-style islands.

Best place to stay on Maafushi island in the Maldives:

13. Meerufenfushi

David and Lina Stock America's Adventure Couple, Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog on the beach at Meerufenfushi Island in the Maldives.

Home to the Meeru Island Resort, Meerufenfushi is a great island where you can escape the rest of the world.

Located one hour away from Male in the northern atolls, the island has just one resort, but plenty of sand to go around.

Enjoy Meerufenfushi’s world-class beaches during the day and make the most of the excellent resort facilities in the evenings. 

14. Hurasdhoo

Small island of Hurasdhoo, Maldives

Hurasdhoo is a small island in the Maldives that’s totally deserted. It’s a great place to visit on a day trip if you want to discover an island idyll untouched by development and still basking in its nature. 

The beaches are sandy, undisturbed, and beautiful to visit. Off the beach, you can snorkel amongst the coral reefs, which are a popular meeting point for large manta rays.

The coral reefs are rich feeding grounds for these beautiful creatures, which are often seen here throughout the year. 

The best time to spot mantas is during the rainy season, between May and September. This is when the waters are full of algae and plankton for the mantas to feed off. You might even see a whale shark if you’re lucky!

We had the tropical island of Hurasdhoo to our selves while sailing the Maldives for 7 days.

15. Radhdhigga

Radhdhigga beach in the Maldives

An island with a long stretch of sand jutting out into the Indian Ocean, Radhdhigga is the perfect place for exploring the marine world of the Maldives, as well as home to one of the best beaches in the Maldives!

Enjoy the beautiful sand bar before heading out to the coral reef to snorkel with the tropical fish that call the waters around Radhdhigga home.

It’s a great place to enjoy sun, sea, and sand, and one of the lesser-known islands in the Maldives, making this a quiet spot to visit.

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