Horseback Riding in Siem Reap Cambodia

As someone that has spent most of my life in the saddle and by this I mean that saddle time was pretty much a daily thing for me prior to this trip, I was starting to go through withdrawals.

Giving up my time with horses was one of the sacrifices that came with taking this time to travel full time and while I don’t regret the decision to travel right now, I really miss having horses in my life.

So I asked around to other businesses about the horse ranch in Siem Reap and received an overwhelming amount of support and comments as to the care and condition of the horses.

I decided to look them up online and arrange a visit to the stable. The website was beautiful and contained several photos of not only the places you can ride, but also the horses and the stable.

I emailed them directly and arranged a visit, with the possibility of a ride for both of us the next day. The company was extremely professional and responded.

They picked us up promptly at our guesthouse and drove us to the ranch located just outside of town. The facility was stunning with pristine fences, gates and driveways.

After being questioned about our skills, we were given ponies based on our preferences and then introduced to our trail guide. We would be going out on a 3-hour trail ride through the countryside.

We rode on the elevated areas of the rice fields, through the back alleys of the locals villages and then tethered our horses to trees while we explored abandoned Angkor ruins way off the beaten path.

Only the locals knew the ruins and we enjoyed our time watching the local kid gang play tag and keep away within the temple walls.

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