How to Choose the Best Wallets for Travel

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There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig through your purse or bag while standing in a grumpy TSA line. Not only do you feel the harsh eyes and hear the muffled grumbles behind you, but you feel silly for not having this information on hand to begin with. This is where travel wallets can save the day. 

These highly functional organizational tools keep your most important travel needs (i.e., your passport, boarding passes, credit cards, etc.) always close at hand.

No more dumping out your bag in anger or wondering which pocket you put your ID in. With a travel wallet, you will always be able to quickly and easily access what you need.

That being said, there is a lot that goes into making the best travel wallet. There are multiple types, different materials, loads of organizational options, and tons of features to consider before you purchase. 

Here, we are going to give you an overview of each of these categories and help you understand what the best travel wallet for you really looks like. 

Top 5 Best Travel Wallets

Best travel walletDefway RFID Blocking Travel Wallet
-Flexible inside organization
-Removable wristlet
-Holds up to 4 passports
-Coin slot
-RFID: Yes
Check Price
Best Travel WalletEkster Parliament Slim Leather Travel Wallet
-Voice Activation
-Worldwide Traceability
-Fold closure
-9 credit cards slots
-Inside cash strap
-RFID: Yes
Check Price
Best Travel WalletFjallraven Travel Wallet
-Zipper closure
-Sized for passports and boarding passes
-External sleeve
-Internal slots for credit cards and cash
-Zippered coin compartment
Check Price
Best Travel WalletTravando Slim Wallet with Money Clip
-Foldable closure
-Slim Design
-Seven card slots
-Metal money clip inside wallet
-RFID: Yes
Check Price
Best Travel WalletZoppen Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallet
-Snap closure
-Holds passport and boarding documents
-Cell phone pouch
-Zippered internal pocket for coins
-Three credit card slots
-RFID: Yes
Check Price

Quick Answer: Best Wallets for Travel

Things to Consider When Choosing A Travel Wallet

Organization Considerations

Best Travel Wallet

The whole purpose of a travel wallet is to give you a neat, tidy, and optimal way to access the belongings that you use the most. So, it is safe to say that the ways in which a travel wallet utilizes organization is one of the most important factors to consider before you purchase.

Here are some of the most common and useful organizational tools the best travel wallets have. 

Passport Holder

Best Travel Wallet

If you’re traveling overseas (especially in Europe), chances are that you’re going to need access to your passport regularly. Also, you never want to leave your passport lying around, even if you are staying in a safe area.

It’s your ticket home, so you always want to keep it by your side. There’s nothing worse than that heart-stopping feeling when you’re heading to the airport and can’t locate this essential travel item because you stashed it in a “safe spot” that you can’t for the life of you remember!

Travel wallets that feature a passport holder are a great option to eliminate that worry. They can come as a stuff pocket or a zippered compartment within the wallet.

If you’re traveling as a family, you may want to consider a wallet with multiple passport holders, but if you’re an intrepid solo traveler, one will do just fine. 

ID Window

Best Travel Wallet

ID windows usually come in the form of an external pocket with a clear plastic face that keeps your ID visible while still tucked away.

These allow you to simply hold up your wallet when needed rather than removing your ID and putting it back multiple times, which can increase your chances of losing it. 

Boarding Pass & Ticket Pockets

Best Travel Wallet

Your boarding pass and tickets are also something you want to keep safe and close at hand. That’s why travel wallets with designated boarding pass pockets are a great option. These pockets are generally internal to keep your tickets from falling out.

Multiple Credit Cardholders

Best Travel Wallet

These days, we have specified credit cards for every occasion, especially when it comes to travel. Finding a travel wallet that can hold them all is a godsend.

Many of the best travel wallets will give you four to six internal credit card holders that allow you to see the top of each, so you don’t have to rifle through them all to find the one you need. 

Travel check pocket

Best Travel Wallet

These are going to look very similar to the boarding pass pockets and are usually at the back of the wallet. This pocket will keep your travel checks from getting wrinkled or torn as you jet around the world.

Wallets that come with a designated travel check pocket often also come with a Velcro pen holder to complete the set. 

Phone Pocket

Best Travel Wallet

That’s right! Many of the best travel wallets now feature a phone slot, so everything you truly need will be in one spot. Wallets with this feature are often larger, but totally worth the extra bulk.

The pockets can come in the form of a clear, covered stuff pocket that still allows you to use your touchscreen through the plastic. Others are just a larger pocket that can store most standard phone sizes. 

Types of Travel Wallets

Best Travel Wallet

The various types of travel wallets are based on how the wallets are carried on your person. 

  • Neck wallet: These come with a strap that goes around your neck and allows the wallet to hang like a necklace. Neck wallets lay flat on your stomach and can easily be hidden under your t-shirt or blouse. Also, these are completely hands-free.
  • Belt wallet: These attach to your belt or waistband and can be concealed under your shirt as well. Belt wallets tend to be larger, giving you much more room for your essential items, and are extremely easy to access, as you never have to take them off.
  • Wrist wallet: This type is also essentially hands-free. These usually attach around your wrist with a small strap, and the zippered wallet dangles from your wrist. This still prevents would-be thieves from snatching your wallet and running, and you’ll have quick access to everything you need. Some designs even make for an awesome and stylish accessory.
  • Fold-able travel wallets: These wallets cut weight by removing the zippers and other accessories that aren’t as necessary, and they can fit into most jeans pockets.
  • Travel document wallet: These are designed as an all-in-one option for extensive travelers. These are the travel wallets that will fit your passport, ID, money tickets, and anything else you can think of. They work great in airports, on trains, and for regularly crossing borders. 

Key Travel Wallet Features 

Best Travel Wallet

Whatever type of travel wallet you decide on, there are a few key features that are universally useful in all designs. Here are some of the features the best travel wallet manufacturers make standard in their products. 

  • Straps: the ability to add and remove straps is a fantastic feature that adds to the overall versatility of the wallet. Straps that can be thrown around your neck, over your shoulder, or around your wrist will allow you to toss your wallet in your bag when it isn’t regularly needed, then keep it on your person for day trips where you only need the essentials. 
  • RFID blocker: it’s better to be safe than sorry, and an RFID blocker helps you achieve just that. They help prevent identity theft by blocking scanners that would take your passport or other ID information, as well as your credit card numbers. 
  • Waterproof/resistant: all travel gear that has the possibility of seeing the light of day should have some form of water resistance or waterproofing. With a travel wallet, this keeps your money, travel checks, and passport from becoming waterlogged after a downpour. Water resistance can be achieved by using naturally moisture-wicking materials such as polyester or nylon. Adding an additional waterproofing treatment just increases the odds of keeping your belongings safe. 
  • Zippered closure: solid zippered closures are a great way to keep your money, passport, and credit cards from falling out when you go to grab your wallet. This feature increases the water-resistant capabilities of the wallet, as well as overall security. 

Travel Wallet Materials 

Best Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is only as good as the material it’s made from. That’s why it’s important to take a look at some of the most popular fabrics used in travel wallets, and what they mean for you. 

  • Ballistic nylon: This is a highly durable material which was initially used in the making of flak jackets during WWII. It gets its name from its intended purpose of preventing flying debris and bullet fragmentation from penetrating a soldier’s skin. If you’re the type of person who tends to beat up their gear, you may want to consider a travel wallet made from this material
  • Leather: Leather is another highly durable material option in travel wallets. If you decide on leather, you can expect to have a wallet that will last your lifetime. The only downside to these wallets is they are much more substantial and are very expensive. But it’s worth it to never have to buy a new one.  
  • Regular nylon: This is a very popular material that is very affordable, decently durable, and lightweight. Because it is a synthetic fabric, it is also naturally moisture-wicking and can be molded into any shape or style you can think of. 
  • Polyester: Polyester and nylon are neck and neck when it comes to the most used fabrics in travel wallets. They have many of the same attributes, such as water resistance, lightweight, and a reasonable priced; however, polyester is slightly more durable and stands up longer to the test of time. 

Best Travel Wallet Recommendations

Defway Travel Wallet with RFID

Best Travel Wallet

When your family is going to have a big trip that you’ve been planning for months or years, the last thing that you worry about is a lost passports or boarding passes.

This family-friendly passport organizer is perfect because it has plenty of room for several passports. We put the family organizer through a rigorous testing process to ensure durability, visual appeal, and function. 

Made with durable rip-stop nylon fabric and waterproof material. The light durable nylon material makes it easy to carry as well as the detachable wrist strap it comes with.


  • Flexible inside organization
  • Removable wristlet
  • Holds up to 4 passports
  • Coin slot
  • Waterproof
  • RFID: Yes

Check Defway Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Document Organizer Wallet price at Amazon

Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Travel Wallet

Best Travel Wallet

The Parliament Wallet is a luxurious leather, bi-fold wallet created for those who want maximum storage and minimum bulk. It features room for 9+ cards/cash and has integrated RFID protection technology to keep your cards and personal information safe.

Ekster wallets are crafted with premium Dutch/German top-grain leathers and tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols. Each and every one of Ekster’s wallets has its own unique characteristics and ages beautifully over time.


  • Voice Activation
  • World-wide Traceability
  • Fold closure
  • 9 credit cards slots
  • Inside cash strap
  • RFID: Yes

Check Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Travel Wallet price at Amazon

Fjallraven Travel Wallet

Best Travel Wallet

Spacious travel wallet with a durable inside. Keeps pens, passports and unfolded boarding passes in order when you are traveling. An open outside pocket lets you have travel documents close at hand when you are at the airport.

On the inside, there is an open pocket for banknotes, business cards, credit cards etc. There is also a zippered inside pocket for coins. Pen holder and other details in leather.


  • Zipper closure
  • Sized for passports and boarding passes
  • External sleeve
  • Internal slots for credit cards and cash
  • Zippered coin compartment
  • RFID: No

Check Fjallraven Travel Wallet price at Amazon

Travando Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Best Travel Wallet

This elegant, slim wallet is designed to fit perfectly in any trouser pocket without bulging. Thanks to the clever layout of card slots and money clips, the wallet has enough space for all that anyone needs, yet it is slim and won’t bulge a trouser pocket. 

Travando wallets are made from carefully selected, quality-tested materials that are assembled with the utmost precision for long-lasting durability.


  • Foldable closure
  • Slim Design
  • Seven-card slots
  • Metal money clip inside the wallet
  • RFID: Yes

Check Travando Slim Wallet with Money Clip price at Amazon

Zoppen Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallet

Best Travel Wallet

It was made from premium polyurethane and faux suede, offer a better grip on the clutch. The new one has more comfort touching base on the more sponge added.

Well organized your carry-on travel essentials, such as passport, boarding pass, credit cards, id card, tickets, key, money, coins, smartphone, sim card, pen and etc.

Keep them all in the bag and protect them well during travel anywhere you go. Durable and lightweight, you can hold it or put it into the bags to carry with you.


  • Snap closure
  • Holds passport and boarding documents
  • Cell phone pouch
  • Zippered internal pocket for coins
  • Three credit card slots
  • RFID: Yes

Check Zoppen Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallet price at Amazon

Best Travel Wallet

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