How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag Liners (Advice & Recommendations)

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The best sleeping bag liners are brilliant additions to any traveler’s backpack, offering lightweight protection against the elements, dirty hostels or additional layers of warmth for when it gets cold.

The best liners can be used in a wide variety of circumstances, and come in a wide range of weights, sizes and thicknesses, as well as different materials too.

The smallest, most lightweight sleeping bag liners can be used in tropical countries when it’s too hot outside anyway for a proper sleeping bag, while the same liner can then be used as an additional layer for your traditional sleeping bag, keeping you even warmer in extreme cold.

Some liners are treated to keep away insects, while others can offer you incredible heat retention during those long winter nights in cold destinations.

Regardless of what you need it for, choosing the best sleeping bag liners from the many options on the market can be difficult, so we put together this guide to help you decide which piece of gear suits your needs.

Top 5 Best Sleeping Bag Liners

Best Sleeping Bag LinersSea to Summit Stretch Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
- 6.1 oz
- 73 in
- 36 in
- 4.8 Rating out of 5
Check Price
Best Sleeping Bag LinersCocoon Sleeping Bag Liner
- 4.7 oz
- 83 in
- 35 in
- 4.8 Rating out of 5
Check Price
Best Sleeping Bag LinersRab Traveller Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner
- 5 oz
- 72.8 in
- 36.2 in
- 4.2 Rating out of 5
Check Price
Best Sleeping Bag LinersWild-Wind Backpacking Sleeping Bag Liner
- 8.6 oz
- 79 in
- 36 in
- 4.5 Rating out of 5
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Best Sleeping Bag LinersBundle Monster Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner
- 22.4 oz
- 69 in
- 29 in
- 4.4 Rating out of 5
** Comes in a two pack **
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Quick Answer: The Best Sleeping Bag Liners

Things to Consider When Choosing A Sleeping Bag Liner

Size and Shape

Camping in Wisconsin - Best Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping bag liners come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but figuring out which style is best for your frame and build, may well be a process of trial and error, to find the most comfortable gear for you.

The best sleeping bag liners generally come in two shapes, the ‘Mummy’ design or the rectangular fit. Both have their benefits and purposes.

Mummy Liners

The ‘Mummy’ design is an almost diagonal shape, narrowing out at the end where your feet are. This type of liner is designed with the shape of an expedition sleeping bag in mind, as sleeping bags designed to keep you warm at extreme temperatures will also use this same shape, for the heat retention benefits.

Mummy style liners then are perfect if you already have a high-end sleeping bag, as they can fit in nicely to give you extra layers of warmth.

On their own, Mummy liners will also keep you warm in hot or tropical conditions, however, their overall comfort in hotter conditions may not be great, as the shape is by definition restrictive. For taller people, this is an issue that can become amplified if the fit is not great for your size.

Rectangular Liners

Rectangular liners are a consistent rectangular shape the whole way down from top to bottom, and while they aren’t necessarily suitable for adding layers to mummy sleeping bags, you can use them as added layers for rectangular sleeping bags.

Rectangular liners are better off used on their own, however, as single sheets, and are perfect for travelers. They are great if you want a lightweight sheet to act as protection against those potentially dirty, cheap hotel or hostel beds.

If you are in a hot, tropical country, they work great as airy protection against the elements, while giving you room to move your feet and legs around too.

Some liners – particularly mummy liners – will also come with built-in hoods. These can be great for adding an extra layer of warmth, particularly if your sleeping bag also has a hood, or in the tropics, it can help to keep away the bugs from your face and head.

Both mummy and rectangular liners will come in a range of sizes, so depending on your height, you will need to purchase a suitable length product.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when selecting between a rectangular and a mummy liner, it purely comes down to what you are actually going to be using it for and in what environment.

If you are an avid hiker and world traveler, a mummy will probably be the most versatile liner for you. If you aren’t into camping and want a lightweight piece of gear, then a rectangular liner will be the best choice.


Camping on the High Chilean Antiplano in Chile

Sleeping bag liners, as well as being designed in different shapes, also come produced from a variety of different materials. The two main distinctions that you’ll need to pick from though, are cotton and silk.

Cotton and silk are the two most common materials used for the best sleeping bag liners, and they couldn’t more different from one another.

Silk sleeping bag liners are generally considered to be the top of the range products out there, and you’ll find most mummy-style liners are produced from silk.

Cotton liners tend to be aimed at the lower end of the market and are consequently cheaper. Most rectangular style liners are made of cotton, although not always.

Silk is comfier, softer, and is much, much lighter than cotton, which is heavy and bulkier in comparison. If you need a liner that will compress, and that you can stash away in a pocket, then silk is the only option.

Cotton though, is generally easier to look after, and although it’s bulkier and heavier, it is a lot better value, so it can be a great value alternative, and if you purchase from a good brand, you’ll find a cotton liner will still last you a long time if you take care of it.

You may also find that some sleeping bag liners, either cotton or silk, that are aimed at the travel market in tropical parts of the world, will also come with antibacterial or anti-insect repellants or coating built-in.

While these won’t last forever, they are a great addition if you plan to be using the liner in the tropics and can stop you from getting bitten alive by mosquitos and other unwelcome bugs.

Warmth Ratings

Bivy sack camping in Antarctica

The warmth rating of your sleeping bag liner can be an important factor to consider, but it will depend on where you intend to use the liner.

The best silk liners can add several layers of warmth to your sleeping bags, allowing you to go well below zero degrees and still be comfortable. If you are intending on using your liner for this purpose, then you will want the best warmth ratings possible to make the most out of it.

If however, you intend to use it solely as a sheet or layer of protection in hot countries while traveling, a warmth rating that takes you into the minuses isn’t going to be exactly necessary, and you will be able to get away with liners that are much lighter but will certainly still serve their purpose.

Packing Size and Weight

Tent camping in Africa

The overall size and weight of your sleeping bag liner are important too, particularly if you are traveling long term, have limited luggage space, or are purchasing a liner to use on hiking expeditions.

If space is low, then definitely invest in a silk liner, as these offer unbeatable packability, compression, and low weight. If that’s not an issue, and you aren’t worried about the size and weight, then go for a cotton liner to save on costs.

Best Sleeping Bag Liners – Product Recommendations

With many great products out there to buy, once you have decided on the style, material, and shape that the best sleeping bag liners should have to meet your purposes, then it’s time to pick your gear. To help you choose, here are a few of our product recommendations.

Watching the sunset from camp in Northern Wisconsin

Sea to Summit

Best Sleeping Bag Liners

The outdoor gear company Sea to Summit has one of the best ranges of sleeping bag liners out there today and can be considered one of the specialists in this field.

They have several different products, and although they aren’t the cheapest on the market, they do offer some of the best value considering their capabilities.

For travelers heading to cold climates, who are in need of an extra boost to their sleeping bag warmth, then the Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner can take you down to well below zero.

If you need protection from bugs, then the Sea to Summit Coolmax Adaptor comes with a built-in treatment known as the Insect Shield, which has proven successful in the tropics.

Our Top Recommended Sea to Summit Sleeping Bag Liners: 


Best Sleeping Bag Liners

Cocoon is a company that produces lightweight, but affordable liners in a range of shapes and sizes that can cater to a lower budget. You’ll pay a fraction of what a Sea to Summit sleeping bag liner might cost, but you won’t get the same quality of specifications.

If you need a quick, extra layer of warmth, or just a comfortable liner to wrap yourself up in when are staying in dorm beds, then these are perfect.

Our Top Recommended Cocoon Sleeping Bag Liners: 


Best Sleeping Bag Liners

Rab is the long term professional when it comes to producing high-quality adventure gear that works in the most extreme climates.

Alongside their extensive and rugged range of down sleeping bags that are built for arctic temperatures, you can also purchase excellent silk or cotton liners that can boost their capabilities even further.

Their liners come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs, and you can choose from silk or cotton, mummy or rectangular, and hooded or non-hooded.

While not the cheapest products on the market, you will get Rab quality, durability and guarantees to go with your liner of choice, making them an excellent choice for adventure enthusiasts.

Our Top Recommended Rab Sleeping Bag Liners: 

Wild-Wind Backpacking Sleeping Bag Liner 

Best Sleeping Bag Liners

I get it, you do not want to spend a whole lot on a sleeping bag liner. If you are looking for the cheapest but yet a good quality sleeping bag liner the Wild-Wind Backpacking sleeping bag liner is a great option for you.

It comes with many of those great features that those pricier sleeping bag liners come without the high price-tag. Features include side opening design, synthetic silk materials, machine washability, great temperature boosting technology for those chillier nights camping.

Buy: Wild-Wind Backpacking sleeping bag liner 

Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece

Best Sleeping Bag Liners

The Bundle Monster sleeping bag liner is a great choice for anyone looking for a two for one deal. That’s right it comes in a two-pack. You can use the liners individually or zip them together to make them one large bag for snuggling on a cold camping night.

The Bundle Monster sleeping bag liner can be used with a sleeping bag or as a standalone solution, it’s one of the warmest sleeping bag liners out on the market with at 55-degree rating that adds about 10 degrees Fahrenheit to any heavy-duty or lightweight sleeping bags.

The Bundle Monster is a great sleeping bag liner for anyone traveling and staying in hostels, hotels, or B&B’s where it will keep your body free and protected for those nasty bed bugs.

I really love this item because it can be used as a sheet or as a travel blanket during camping, beach trips vacations, airplane and train travel where other sleeping bag liners cannot.  

Buy: Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece sleeping bag liner 

Best Sleeping Bag Accessories

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