Visiting Nordkapp Norway: Best Time to Visit and Travel Guide

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Known as the Norwegian Lapland, the captivating region of Finnmark hides such inspiring surprises that can easily amaze any traveler’s curious eyes.

One of these fascinating spots is the Nordkapp, a place with special powers for the Sami people, and a top travel destination in Norway. Nordkapp is impacting people from all over the world with its mesmerizing landscapes.  

Promoted as the northernmost points of Europe, Nordkapp, or North Cape, is a great vacation spot for adventurers who are looking forward to exploring Norway’s natural beauty.

If you are ready to get closer to the end of the world, you must begin planning the ultimate trip to the spectacular North Cape. Keep reading our guide to ensure you have a memorable trip.

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How to Get There and Where to Stay

Nordkapp - Northernmost point view from a ship.

Before finding the best things to do and see in North Cape, you must go over the logistics of your vacation. How do you get there? Where are you going to stay? Some like to book everything through a travel agent others like to travel independently. Since nobody knows you better than you do, why not do it yourself?

The first thing on your checklist is how to get to Nordkapp. It might be in the far north of Europe, but there are several options to get there. First of all, your starting point will be Oslo.

To get to Nordkapp from there, you can drive, take a cruise, a train, or a bus, and you can also fly to Alta or Hammerstad. Choosing one of these options depends on your time and budget. 

Cityscape of Nordkapp Norway from the water

Having done it ourselves, we are big believers in seeing Norway on a cruise. Our particular cruise itinerary started in Tromsø and sailed up to the Northernmost point in Europe, Nordkapp, before turning around and heading all the way south to Bergen.

Along the way, we stopped off at infamous fishing villages, small off the beaten path islands, explored many of Norway’s understated natural wonders and of course, some of the most famous too.

Ready to plan your own adventure in Norway? Have a look at the exact itinerary we did on our 11 days Cruising the Norwegian Fjords in Depth tour

Downtown Nordkapp Norway - Lina Stock

Next up is to find comfortable accommodation to enjoy your stay. Since you are going to one of the most visited sites in Norway, there are many accommodation options available. Again, your choice strictly depends on your standards and budget.

Many travelers stay in Honningsvag, a charming, quiet town offering the tranquillity some people need. One of the best-rated places in this town is the Honningsvag-Sarnes holiday home, pampering visitors with beautifully arranged rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and useful barbecue facilities.  

Book your stay at the Honningsvag-Sarnes Holiday home with today.

Another amazing holiday home is The North Cape Experience, located in Skarsvag. It is only eight kilometers from The North Cape and it spoils its guests with lovely water views and comfortable rooms. In addition, you can enjoy a daily mouth-watering breakfast and fun activities like fishing, hiking, and cycling.

Book your stay at The North Cape Experience with today. ** This is as far north as you can stay ** 

Other hotels, hostels or campsites you should check out:

Popular Things to Do in Nordkapp

The northernmost point of Europe - Nordkapp Norway Drone View

North Cape is a destination for adventurous travelers who are always excited to engage in outdoor activities. However, though it offers great hikes, boat trips, and thrilling excursions, this is also a quiet area welcoming those who are into unwinding while admiring idyllic landscapes.

Let’s check out some of the most popular things to do in Nordkapp.

The North Cape is a Memorable Experience in Itself

Lina and David Stock jr America's Adventure Couple in Nordkapp Norway

Its imposing natural beauty is what makes this spot a Norwegian top destination. The main reason why so many travelers have this destination on their wish list is their common dream about standing on the North Cape cliff.

For many, having the chance to admire the stunning views from the 307-meter-high cliff is the only thing they’ve come for. And it’s perfectly understandable! You only need suitable clothes and a good camera to have one of the best experiences in the area. 

Wander Around and Let the Laid-Back Atmosphere Inspire You

Small village outside Nordkapp, Norway

Though this is a famous touristic destination, the overall atmosphere is relaxed, giving visitors the chance to admire the captivating landscapes while enjoying the tranquility do many are longing for.

Life inside the borders of the big, busy cities can be overwhelming sometimes. And North Cape is a place where the encounter with the imposing nature can make many people find themselves. Walking the area might be a natural healing process many need.  

Get Closer to History at The North Cape Museum

Norkapp Norway - Museum - Lina Stock

Though gazing at the endless sea from the top of a famous cliff is a mesmerizing thing to do, if you plan to spend a few days in this small piece of heaven, you must add a few other activities on our must-see list.

Having an encounter with history at the small, but interesting North Cape Museum is a great choice. Located in charming Honningsvag, the history museum is full of fascinating information and captivating exhibits.

Expect to learn about the fishing industry in the area, the German occupation, and the impact World War II had here.

Don’t leave home without: Lonely Planet Norway (Travel Guide)

Have a Noteworthy Bird Watching Experience

Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) in tundra from Norway

Not far from the captivating Nodkapp, you can find a collection of grass-covered islands known as the Gjesvaerstappan. Their green appearance creates a spectacular contrast with the rest of the region, but this is not the reason why the islands should be on your must-visit list.

Whether you are passionate about bird watching or not, the seabird colony on these islands is worth going to see. Check out the biggest islands – Bukkstappen, Kjerkestappen, and Storstappen in order to have the best bird watching experience in Nordkapp.

Joining an organized bird safari will give you the chance to seek the beauty of the Atlantic birds while learning more about their largest and most accessible nesting place in Europe.

Enjoy an Entertaining Theatre Performance at the Perleporten Kulturhus

Dog statue in Nordkapp Norway

If you visit the North Cape area in the summer, you should check out the Perleporten Kulturhus. The charming cultural venue and café promise to offer visitors a memorable experience.

Located in beautiful Honningsvag, the former Christian meeting place is now hosting great theatre performances. To see the shows and buy tickets visit their website.

In case you don’t feel like watching a performance, relax and indulge in their tasty café menu while sitting on the terrace and admiring the beautiful view of the harbor. In addition, you can buy lovely souvenirs from the small gallery and gift shop located in the basement.

Stop at an Arctic Sami camp 

Nordkapp Norway - Sami Camp - Lina Stock

As you twist and wind through the hills of Nordkapp keep your eyes out for reindeer. These are not wild reindeer. All of the reindeer belong to natives called the Sami. The reindeer and the Sami have been living and working on this land for centuries and it’s an honor to be able to interact with this dying culture.

Along the road to the most northern point, you will find little sheds with traditional camps built around them. If you are lucky, the native Sami family will have returned to their summer camp and they will be outside with one or two reminders.

They have built these camps to capitalize on tourists, however, this is not commercialized. They still live their lives just like they have for years.

They know little to no English so talking to them is pretty hard, however they do love showing off their reindeer and selling their handmade gifts for tourists to buy. These are not gifts you will find elsewhere throughout Norway they are handmade from the Sami villager who is standing behind her makeshift cash register.

Chase the Spectacular Northern Lights or Enjoy the Midnight Sun

Northern lights over Nordkapp Norway

If you are looking forward to enjoying the fascinating midnight sun phenomena, you must plan your trip between the middle of May to the end of July. If you do do this, prepare to witness one of the most fascinating images in the world: the midnight sun reflecting in the endless waters around Nordkapp.

Travelers who choose to visit this area in the winter months mostly come for a whole different experience. Winter is the period of the year for hunting the hypnotizing Aurora Borealis.

If you are lucky enough to have a clear night to witness the Northern Lights, especially from the 307-meter-high cliff of the North Cape, you will never forget it.

Adventure into Hiking to Cape Knivskjellodden

Nordkapp Norway - Lina Stock

As already mentioned, North Cape is promoted as the northernmost point of Continental Europe, but Knivskjellodden extends further north, offering adventurers the chance to enjoy a memorable hike with a fantastic reward at the end: the opportunity to admire North Cape cliff’s seaside face.

It is a thrilling adventure but if you want something less challenging, you can enjoy hiking to the natural arch of Kirkeporten instead. The finishing point of this hike offers travelers the chance to admire the North Cape Plateau too.

If you are looking for more information on activities offered in the area or if you have any questions check out the Visit Nordkapp official tourism board website.

Don’t leave home without your Lonely Planet Norway (Travel Guide)

Indulge in the Delicious Local Food

Sea food plater at the King Crab House in Nordkapp, Norway

Exploring the natural beauty, adventuring in the exciting activities available, and getting in touch with history are great ways to understand the culture of a new place, but no vacation is complete without proper culinary experience, is it?

The best way to indulge in the local food is by eating in good restaurants. Here is a shortlist of the restaurants you should not miss in Nordkapp.

  • Corner Spiseri: Located in the center of Honningsvag, Corner Spiseri is a great restaurant where you can taste the modern arctic diet. If you want to enjoy the sea delicacies, order the delicious bacalao (dried cod) or try the tasty deep-fried cod tongue. In case a fish dinner is not your ideal meal, discover the less adventurous, but equally delicious local steaks. Since they serve great-sized portions, this is a great place for when you feel very hungry!
  • King Crab House: If you are a traveling foodie, you might know that people living on Norway’s northern coast really love crabs. No wonder they are present in so many of their dishes! If you want to indulge in the freshly caught king crabs from the Barents Sea, visit the charming King Crab House. Do you want more fresh food from the sea? Ask for other recommended fish dishes. The locals advise you to taste their fish soup and, if you are in a wild mood, you must order the reindeer meat!
  • Artico Ice Bar: After enjoying a delicious dinner, why not enjoy a couple of drinks at the Artico Ice Bar. Located in Honningsvag, this interesting bar opens its doors every spring, welcoming curious travelers from all over the world. Make sure you don’t leave without stepping into their souvenir shops. They sell all kinds of amazing products to remind you of your trip to Nordkapp, Norway.

Plan Your Own Norway Adventure That Includes Nordkapp

Nordkapp Norway - Lina Stock

Some people call it the end of the earth and some call it the most northern point of Europe. Nordkapp is a highlight you simply can not miss when visiting Norway.

Its winds are endless but its landscape is breathtaking. The rugged unforgiven land of Nordkapp varies so much from the waterfall filled fjords down south. You simply have not experienced Norway until you have experienced Nordkapp.

We explored Norway’s coastline on an expedition cruise. What is an expedition cruise? It is a cruise that has an outlined itinerary but it can get adjusted based on weather, wildlife or just plain exploring.

This is huge in Norway since the weather is very temperamental and there are so many small off the beaten path villages. It allowed us to explore sleepy fishing villages that still had fish drying on the racks next to the seaside, small off the beaten path islands that don’t see other cruise ships and many of Norway’s natural wonders that those other cruise ships only stop at.

Nordkapp Norway - Europe's most northern city

This kind of itinerary was made possible by choosing to cruise on a small ship versus a mega-ship. We were able to get into places where few other travelers visit, let alone other cruise ships.

Many of the places we visited are not possible to visit unless you are on a small ship. Places like Nordkapp can get busy with many cruise ships passengers but the cruise we were on explores Nordkapp just before those larger cruise ships start their seasons. Thus we had it to ourselves. We even got lucky and had a clear day.

Ready to plan your own adventure in Norway? Have a look at the exact itinerary we did on our 11 days Cruising the Norwegian Fjords in Depth tour with G Adventures. Note, we spent several extra days in Bergen after the cruise and also planned our hike to Trolltunga separate from the cruise.

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