9 Incredible Things To Do in Kuwait

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Situated between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait is famous for its oil resources and holiday destinations. From desert safaris to scuba diving, there are plenty of incredible things to do in Kuwait. The focal point of this country is Kuwait City with some interesting attractions to discover like Seif Palace and the Islamic mosaics.

The war museum and national museum are famous historic attractions within the city but you can also do plenty of things outside of Kuwait city. For instance, you can access Failaka Island by ferry from the mainland. You can arrange a trip to Kazmah desert cliffs to enjoy enchanting views of this country.

In the past, Kuwait was only famous for its oil, but they’ve been working the past few decades to strengthen tourism as an industry and they’ve accomplished a lot. Kuwait is right now one of the most fascinating places in the Arabic world. If you are ready to explore the magnificent beauty of this country, apply for your Kuwait visa renewal and start planning your trip.

Things to do in Kuwait

Kuwait towers in Kuwait city

1. Kuwait Towers

The first thing that will grab your attraction in Kuwait is the Kuwait Towers. This famous landmark has been recently renovated and open for the public. The main tower has a restraint and viewing platform. You can enjoy delicious meals without disturbing your budget. A bright day will give you a chance to view the whole country, even the inhabited parts.

2. Grand Mosque

If you want to learn about the main religion of Kuwait, you must visit the largest mosque in this country. Grand Mosque is a beautifully decorated and imposing building; Arabs are welcoming and warm people who run this mosque in the most respectful way.

Guided tours are allowed on a regular basis without any fee. You must call them in advance to confirm your tour. Outside is warm and busy, but you will feel immediate rest in the mosque. It will be a source of peace in this vibrant city.

Visit Failaka Island one of the best things to do in Kuwait

3. Visit Failaka Island

You have to visit the beautiful island of Kuwait “Failaka” on a ferry and see the wonders of this island. The people of the Gulf War resided here, but this island was abandoned during the battle leaving numerous buildings destroyed and never rebuilt. It is an open-air and large monument to experience the horrors of battle.

You can visit destroyed offices, schools and houses to see the effects of war on this country. If you don’t have time, you must visit the Martyrs House to know the history of Al Qurain Gulf War.

4. Shopping at Avenues Mall

Avenues are the largest mall in the Middle East. This mall has a shop for everyone: from Forever21 and H&M to Chanel and Dior. You may not find local brands in Kuwait since its textile industry is really small and weak. Try the food at different restaurants and cafes to enjoy with the people around you.

Sunrise in the Desert

5. Spend a Night in Desert

Without visiting a desert, your visit to Kuwait will be of no use. You can start with camel herds and enjoy camel milk. After seeing herds, you can drive further in the desert.

You can enjoy a short courtyard ride and continue drive until you see the disappeared signs of civilization on the skyline. You can camp at this place for one night and feel alone in the world. Feel free to experience the silence and vast emptiness.

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6. Mirrors House

This estate is the private residence of Italian artist, Lidia. She and her late husband from Kuwait turned their residence into a unique art museum positioned around mirrors.

You’ll have to take an appointment to visit this place and once you’re there, you’ll get a chance to taste homemade cookies and tea while enjoying a unique offering in Kuwait.

Moubarakiyya in Kuwait

7. Moubarakiyya

You have to visit this place for a traditional shopping experience. Traditional souq, or Moubarakiyya, is a famous place to experience the gathering of conservative locals. You may also purchase souvenirs, spices, and local cookies.

You can also visit the butcher’s street or fish hall but not before you try the food at Moubarakiyya during your trip. The local food is cheap, authentic and delicious.

8. Visit the Spa in Kuwait

Choose a tranquil spa and escape the busy life. At Jumeirah Messilah Hotel and Spa, you can experience clemency in the center of bustling Kuwait City.

Talise Spa is also worth a visit and is an exclusive location for well-being and health. You can enjoy serene environments and rejuvenate your mind. Each session in the spa will help you to detoxify your body.

Scuba Diving in Kuwait

9. Scuba Diving and Speed Boating

You can’t miss speed boating and scuba diving in Kuwait. Most dive trips visit the waters around Kobar Island, a small island famous for its sandy beaches and clear water. This lovely island is perfect for diving with stingrays and the perfect place to explore between dives.

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  1. Lived there six years and going back to visit soon. It’s got a unique vibe… A mix of old and new. Just know it’s a dry country and more conservative than, say, UAE.


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