15 Best Things to do at the Blue Mountains National Park in Australia

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The Blue Mountains National Park is one of Australia’s most spectacular outdoor areas.

Part of the Great Driving Range, the mountains are just a short journey away from Sydney, making them one of the most popular day trips in New South Wales.

But hang around a bit longer, because there are so many great things to do at the Blue Mountains.

From the iconic Three Sisters rock formations to epic viewpoints over valleys and gorges, this is a place nature-lovers will embrace. 

To inspire your next adventure, here are our favorite things to do at the Blue Mountains National Park!

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15 Things to do at the Blue Mountains

1. Experience the Beautiful Vistas at Echo Point Lookout

Blue Mountains Australia

The most famous lookout in the Blue Mountains National Park is the iconic Echo Point Lookout.

This is where most travelers will begin their adventure in the Blue Mountains, and it’s probably the most photographed view in the region.

Echo Point is epic, with a viewpoint that takes in the vast Jamison Valley set far below the clifftop and the incredible Three Sisters Rock formation, which extends out from the cliffs.

The viewpoint is located in Katoomba, the small town that acts as the hub for tourism within the Blue Mountains National Park. 

Our top suggested tours for visiting the Blue Mountains National Park.

2. Learn the Legends Behind the Three Sisters

Three sisters Blue Mountains Australia

From Echo Point Lookout, you’ll see the Three Sisters, a line of three sharp rocks jutting out from the clifftop.

You’ll quickly understand why they might be named the Three Sisters, but learning the Aboriginal legends and stories behind these unusual rocks is the fascinating part. 

The Three Sisters are part of Dreamtime Legend. They were said to have been turned into stone by a local elder to protect them from warring tribes who were after their hand in marriage.

When the elder was killed, however, they could never be turned back into human form. 

If you are into photography or wildlife this tour is for you, Sunset Blue Mountains Wilderness & Wildlife Tour (Without the Crowds).

3. Visit the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

The view of the Blue Mountains from Katoomba.

One of the best things to do at the Blue Mountains is to visit the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre in Katoomba.

Here, you can learn more about the local indigenous legends and Aboriginal Dreamtime to better understand local culture and history. 

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre has a focus on local art, with a modern art gallery you can visit on the site. There are also great views over the town from the viewing area at the center.

If you are into cultural you need to check out this tour, Blue Mountains Tour Including An Aboriginal Experience from Sydney.

4. Follow the Katoomba Heritage Walk

Peering through a rock formation overlooking Jamison Valley in late afternoon. Katoomba, Blue Mountains National Park, Australia - A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To learn more about the town of Katoomba, follow the purposely designed Katoomba Heritage Walk.

Grab a map from the visitors center, and you’ll be able to self-guide your way through the town at the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park.

You’ll see some lovely murals and street art and historic buildings – the oldest of which date back to the early 1800s when British settlers arrived from Sydney.

Just imagine what you could see in two days, check out this two-day tour of the Blue Mountains. 2-Day Combo: Sydney City Tour with Harbour Lunch Cruise and Blue Mountains Trip

5. Descend the Giant Stairway

Blue Mountains Australia

One of the most iconic things to do at the Blue Mountains is to descend the Giant Stairway.

Starting from Echo Point Lookout in Katoomba, a series of 998 steps lead across the cliffs and descend to the first of the iconic Three Sisters. 

 You’ll walk down to the Honeymoon Bridge, a rocky ledge that connects the cliff to the first Three Sister rock. It’s steep, but it’s beautiful and makes for a short hike from the viewing area.

While it’s a must-do, it’s also the perfect activity if you’re short on time on a day trip from Sydney, because this really is a highlight of the Blue Mountains National Park. 

Want to visit the Blue Mountains in luxury check out these tours.

6. The Prince Henry Cliff Walk 

Lina and David Stock Jr (Americas Adventure Couple) Divergent Travelers in the Blue Mountains Australia

If you’re not looking to get down into the valley (it’s a really long way, after all!), then the best hike you can complete from Katoomba is the beautiful Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

The hiking route follows the edge of the cliffs all the way from Katoomba, past the Three Sisters (and the Giant Stairway), and along to the Gordon Falls Lookout. 

It’s relatively flat along the top, but with a few ups and downs. At seven kilometers in each direction, though, it will take you most of the day to get there and back, especially with all the lookouts to stop at and landscape photographs to take! 

When visiting the Blue Mountains National Park make sure to go rock climbing or canyoning.

7. Admire Gordon Falls From the Lookout

Hiking to gordon falls lookout, blue mountains national park, australia

Marveling at the views from the Gordon Falls Lookout is one of the best things to do at the Blue Mountains.

If you don’t have time to walk from Katoomba along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk, luckily, you can drive to the lookout as well. 

Gordon Falls drops hundreds of feet below, deep into the valley beneath the cliffs. The lookout has plenty of picnic benches and grassy areas to enjoy, making it a popular lunch spot with a great view!

Our top suggested tours for visiting the Blue Mountains National Park from Sydney.

8. Ride the Scenic Skyway

Tourist Gondola crossing gorge near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia

Built 270 meters above the Jamison Valley, one of the best things to do at the Blue Mountains National Park is ride the Scenic Skyway!

This epic cable car is suspended high above the valley and passes right over the spectacular Katoomba Falls.

Board the cable car at Scenic World in Katoomba, and you can disembark on the eastern side of the gorge, by the Three Sisters, for outstanding views over the valley. 

Are you into exploring the great outdoors on a bike? Check out these tours offered in the Blue Mountains.

9. Ride the Scenic Railway

Scenic World impressive Scenic Railway.

Also starting at Scenic World in Katoomba is the equally impressive Scenic Railway.

This steep funicular takes you right down to the valley floor below Katoomba. It’s the easiest way down if you don’t want to spend hours hiking!

This is one of the best things to do at the Blue Mountains National Park; it’s also one of the world’s steepest railways. It’s 300 meters long and has a 128 % gradient on its way down to the Jamison Valley. 

It’s an important part of local history because the railway was originally built in the late 1800s to bring coal up to Katoomba. Years later, it was upgraded and turned into a modern tourist attraction. 

Take a hop-on hop-off bus tour of the Blue Mountains with a sightseeing pass valid for three days.

10. Enjoy the Rest of Scenic World

David Stock Jr of Divergent Travelers Adventure Travel Blog at Scenic World (Look out)

Scenic World, where the Skyway and Railway are found, has a number of other attractions to enjoy (it’s sort of like an amusement park). 

The highlight is the scenic walkway, where you’ll be suspended above the valley far below. It’s not for anyone who might be scared of heights!

You’ll also learn more about the history and geology of the Blue Mountains at Scenic World. 

Visiting Scenic World is a must, below are 3 of the best tours to the Blue Mountains that includes Scenic World.

11. Visit the Leura Cascades

wentworth falls Blue Mountains Australia

Leura is the next small town along the cliffs from Katoomba. It’s home to some beautiful little cascades.

A 4.5-kilometer walking loop will take you from Leura into the surrounding forest, where you’ll explore creeks and see the cascades up close. 

The walk also takes you out to the cliffs, where you’ll have impressive views over the Jamison Valley. 

Are you or someone your traveling with into trying local wines, if so you need to check out this tour. Blue Mountains BarNSW Local Produce Tasting Experience.

12. Marvel at the Impressive Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains Australia

Visiting the impressive Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains National Park is one of the best things to do while exploring here. 

Wentworth Falls is a double-tiered waterfall, with two equally spectacular sections to explore. At a total height of 187 meters, this is one tall waterfall!

Walking tracks from the small town of Wentworth Falls lead to the lookouts and further into the valley, giving avid hikers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the surrounding nature. 

Our top suggested tours for visiting the Blue Mountains National Park from Sydney.

13. Stroll Through Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens

Blue Mountains Australia
Pink Galah’s at the Botanic Park

The Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens are a fantastic place to take a light stroll if you’ve had enough of steep hiking trails.

This unique botanic garden is ideally suited at altitude to grow a wide number of species from across the world that you wouldn’t otherwise find along the coast of eastern Australia. 

It’s a beautiful place, with sweeping views over the surrounding mountains to enjoy as you walk through the gardens. 

Want to see the Botanic Gardens, check out these top tours.

14. Go Underground at the Jenolan Caves

Caves in Australia - Jenolan

One of the best things to do at the Blue Mountains National Park is to venture underground to explore the Jenolan Caves.

These are some of the oldest known limestone karst caves in the world. This subterranean world is an ethereal place of stalagmites, stalactites, and underground pools.

There are several tours leading into the cave system; you could visit several times and see a new part of the complex each time. There are even night tours, which add a spooky new experience to the caves!

Here’s our top recommended tours for visiting the Jenolan Caves.

15. Explore Govett’s Leap

wentworth falls Blue Mountains Australia

Located by Blackheath, one of the main towns in the Blue Mountains National Park, Govett’s Leap is an astounding 180-meter-high, single-drop waterfall that hurtles into the Grose Valley.

The easiest way to see the falls is by walking to the lookout that sits on the cliff edge near Blackheath.

Hardier hikers can explore further afield, though, tackling the steep Govett’s Leap Descent that takes you right down to the base of the waterfall. 

It’s only two kilometers return, but the hike will take you at least two hours (that’s how steep and difficult the trail is!). 

Looking to experience more spots that the normal visitors don’t get to see, if so you need to check out this tour. Blue Mountains Secret Places Adventure

16. Search for Lyrebirds (BONUS!)

Lyrebird Blue Mountains Australia

If you are a bird watcher, you’ll want to spend some time in search of the Lyrebird. While he isn’t anything special to look at, he is best known for his ability to replicate sounds.

We came across one while we were hiking at Scenic World, a moment that was surreal and amazing as he ran through the highlight reel of every noise he has heard before.

We lingered for a long time attempting to photograph him, they are lightning-fast and taking video of him.  They are truly fascinating in how they create exact replicas of noise.

Where to Stay in the Blue Mountains National Park

Where to stay in the Blue Mountains National Park - The view from Lilianfels

If you are looking to truly experience this amazing part of Australia we strongly suggest spending a few days close to the Blue Mountains National Park. There’s a wide range of places to stay from eco-friendly lodges to luxury hotels all located within the world-famous Blue Mountains. All offering unique experiences, below we will highlight our three favorite places to stay when visiting the Blue Mountains National Park.

Lilianfels – For jaw-dropping views, we suggest staying at the Lilianfels in Katoomba that’s located in the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park. You will not be disappointed by this old home sted retreat tucked within the mountains. All of its rooms have fantastic views across the Jamison Valley. Enjoy the same amazing views from the outdoor pool, the spa, or even their award-winning restaurant. 

Spicers Sangoma Retreat – For those who are looking for more of a luxurious retreat in the Blue Mountains National Park we suggest staying at the Spicers Sangoma Retreat. This eco-friendly small property offers suites that have their own private plunge pools, a huge Philipe Stark bathtub for two, and a private terrace with amazing views of the valley. 

Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains – MGallery – If you are looking for one of the best views in the Blue Mountains National Park you have to stay at the Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains – MGallery. This property is just simply stunning overlooking the Jamison Valley. This is also one of the closes hotels to the Three Sisters clifftop viewing platform, and Scenic World amusement park making it a popular location for visitors to stay in the Blue Mountains.

Not finding what you like or want to check out more places to stay in the Blue Mountains National Park we suggest checking out our custom hotel aggregator that can find you one of the best deals online.

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