10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

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Europe is a large continent with many different countries and cultures. Wherever you head, you are sure to find an adventure suitable for your Europe bucket list.

The biggest thing to remember is that no matter where you go in Europe, there is more to this continent than buildings and cities.

Of course, the list could be endless with a wide array of variety but these 10 adventures are sure to give you a taste of the many adventures on offer. If you are looking to take a trip with a difference, consider some of the following destinations and activities.

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Epic Europe Bucket List

1. See Austria from Above with a High-Altitude Train Ride

Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

The Schafberg Mountain Railway runs the steepest route in Austria. The journey is an adventure in itself, with winding tracks and beautiful views making it a must for your Europe bucket list.

From the mountain’s peak, you can start your hike down or catch the train for a round trip. Summer and winter offer contrasting panoramic scenes, but whether in snow or in the sunshine you are guaranteed a great day out.

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2. Boot Camps and Survival Skills in Poland

Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

Fans of the outdoors can learn a few tricks to keep them safe and indulge in their love of adventure in Poland. The country is embracing extreme sports and offers a variety of weather conditions which make all sorts of adventures possible.

Survival camps in Kaszuby, Podlasie and the Augustowski Forest teach various techniques to groups.

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3. Cycling Tours in the Netherlands

10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

Everyone knows that bicycles are the preferred method of transport in Amsterdam, but a bike can do so much more than just get you from A to B. Join up with a cycle tour and see the country in a whole new way.

Trips often stop off at local guesthouses along the way, giving you a real insight into the culture of Holland outside of its big cities.

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4. See Rural France on Horseback

Horseback Riding France

Riding tours are growing in popularity in France, especially along the Seine Valley. The Accueil Cheval program in Normandy opens up guests’ houses and stables for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Trek through forests, hills, and countryside and stop off for some traditional French hospitality along the way.

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5. Kite Surfing in Portugal

10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

Thrill-seekers visiting Portugal’s Algarve can try something new and exciting: kite surfing. This popular water sport combines surfing, sailing and water skiing into one fast-paced activity that brave adults and older children will love.

Take to the seas and lakes and let the winds carry you. Portugal’s coastline is also a popular place to try your hand at surfing.

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6. Tackle White Water in Switzerland

Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

Switzerland is known for its high snowy peaks and it attracts skiers in their thousands, but if you want to try something a little different on your tour, why not give river rafting a try?

Switzerland is home to some fast-moving rapids that are perfect for kayaks and rafts – if you can handle the fear factor, this is a trip for your Europe bucket list.

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7. Track Wild Elks and Wolves in Estonia

10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

The whole family can get involved with wildlife hiking and exploring in Estonia. Choose a guide who can show you the basics of tracking and help you spot different animals’ footprints.

The country has a varied range of species, from deer and boar to lynx and wolves. Your guide will help you spot animals – and keep a safe distance from them.

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8. Winter Sports in Spain

10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

Spain conjures up images of sand, sun, and sangria, but it is also a popular skiing destination. High peaks in the south of the country, such as Mulhacen and Veleta, offer amazing slopes that are covered in snow for half of the year.

Extreme sports fans seeking a new adventure can discover something new in southern Spain.

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9. Island Hopping in Greece

Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

The stunning seas around Greece are a great place to set sail and enjoy a relaxing adventure. Hire a private yacht and tour the Greek islands and coastline, stopping off to enjoy the local culture, cuisine, and nightlife along the way.

Prefer to have someone do all the work? You can also take part in group or private tours with experienced guides and a reliable crew.

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10. Road Trip the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland

Wild Atlantic Way Ireland

Bonus! Ireland cannot be overlooked as a destination with great adventures. Rent a car in Dublin and treat yourself to a magical road trip along the coast along the Wild Atlantic Way.

You will discover hidden castles, stunning scenery and a lively pub culture you cannot find elsewhere.

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Your Adventure Kit

10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List

Make sure you prepare for any adventure. Most vacation activities are carried out under the supervision of a trusted and trained guide or technician, and if you are in any doubt about safety, be sure to ask questions.

However, sometimes disasters can occur, so make sure you carry a few things with you just in case. Sunscreen is vital if you are heading into the mountains or on to the hot beaches, and plasters will solve a whole host of minor issues. 

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7 thoughts on “10 Adventures for Your Europe Bucket List”

  1. So many good ideas here. Had not ever thought of tracking wolves before. Wow!

    The survival stuff in Poland sounds especially good, but I also recommend Bushcraft in Montenegro. I am honored to work with some amazing locals that provide this in a mountain or lake context. It is a great experience that nature lovers will really benefit from.

  2. These ideas seems great. What date/time would you suggest to ride the SchafbergBahn railway if i want to hike down?

    • You would need to check the schedule depending on the time of year you are visiting. Not sure if you can hike down, but if you can, I would suggest taking the earliest train to give yourself all the time you needed.

  3. Wow, I have not done any of those! I have been wanting to return to Portugal since I visited there in 2005 and my husband loves kite surfing so it sounds like a good excuse to make our way back there again 🙂

  4. I’m not at all adventurous, but I do love reading about other people’s adventurous experiences. I would certainly be into the cycling in Amsterdam – that’s a level of adventure I’m sure I could cope with. I was interested that you included white water activities in Switzerland. There were some young Australian tourists drowned in a white water canyoning accident in Switzerland a few years back – the tour company failed to check weather reports. Regardless of where you are going, it is so important to choose your tour company with care and make sure they have the appropriate safety checks in place – even in “safe” countries like Switzerland, accidents can happen!

    • Hi Jo, Whitewater Rafting is a risky activity, even on a mild day. Water is provides an element we cannot control but I certainly agree with you that finding a reputable company and doing your due diligence about the situation and area is a requirement for any adventure activity.


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