11 Spectacular Lefkada Beaches You Must Visit

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There are some incredible Lefkada beaches on this beautiful island in the Ionian Sea, between Corfu and Cephalonia. The island is named after the white limestone rocks that emerge from the sea like some large stone walls.

The northern part of the island is connected with the mainland via a drawbridge and a tunnel which makes access to the island a lot easier.

The eastern coast of the island is much tamer with its relief gradually descending towards the sea. On the south and southeast side of the island, there are deep bays and natural harbors that are very popular among the sailors.

The western coast of the island consists of high limestone cliffs and beneath them are located the beautiful sandy beaches of Lefkada. The central part of the island is occupied by mountain peaks with altitudes reaching over 1000 m. And of course, Lefkada is known for some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and beyond.

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Do not miss these Lefkada Beaches

1. Egremni beach

Egremni beach Lefkada

Egremni beach is located around 40 km from the main town of Lefkada on the western side of the island.

The long sandy beach is surrounded by high limestone cliffs, crystal clear turquoise waters and it is considered as one of the best beaches not just of Lefkada but of the whole Mediterranean.

The beach is organized and offers sunbeds with umbrellas and several beach bars. Egremni beach also has a parking lot and it can be easily reached by private means or public transport.

To access the beach you will have to descent down the set of stairs. Found that perfect Lefkada beach spot, now check prices on accommodation located on Egremni Beach.

2. Kathisma beach

Kathisma beach Lefkada

Like the majority of beaches on the western coast of the island, Kathisma is also a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs, with pristine turquoise waters.

The beach is located 15 km west of Lefkas, not far away for Agios Nikitas. The beach is organized and offers sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports, beach bars, and restaurants.

Accommodation units are easily obtainable in the vicinity of the beach.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Kathisma beach.

3. Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki beach Lefkada

This is definitely one of the most beautiful and the most popular island beaches.

The beach is located around 45 km southwest of Lefkas. Beside private means, the beach can be reached by boats that depart from Vasiliki and Nydri every day.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Porto Katsik beach.

4. Vasiliki beach

Vasiliki beach Lefkada

Vasiliki beach is located on the south side of the island; around 40km away from Lefkas and this is one of the most frequented beaches on Lefkada.

Like Agios Ioannis, Vasiliki is very popular among windsurfers. It is located at the bottom of the homonymous bay and offers ideal conditions for surfing and windsurfing.

The beach offer sunbeds with umbrellas, beach bar-restaurants, sports equipment rental shop and plenty of accommodation units as well as a camping area.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Vasiliki beach.

5. Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach Lefkada

A beautiful beach located near the main town of the island, only 3 km from the town center. The beach is sandy very long with turquoise color of the sea, reminiscent of the Caribbean landscape.

The remains of the old windmills only contribute to the environment. It is very popular among the windsurfers and many beach bars and clubs are adapted specifically for this target group.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Agios Ioannis beach.

6. Agios Nikitas beach

Agios Nikitas beach Lefkada

Around 12 km southwest of Lefkada, there is a small fishing village of Agios Nikitas. Because of its beautiful beach, this place has become a popular tourist destination.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Agios Nikitas beach.

7. Milos beach

Milos beach Lefkada

Not far away from the village of Agios Nikitas, there is another beautiful beach is located.

The beach is situated between two very popular neighboring beaches but it is not overcrowded because of the not so easy access.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Milos beach.

8. Agiofili beach

Agiofili beach Lefkada

Not far from Vasiliki there is a small sandy beach with crystal clear sea called Agiofili. On this beach, there are many solutions to make your sunny day. 

You can try windsurfing, diving, kayaking or simply enjoy the great atmosphere which is present here.  There is also the Ammouso gulf nearby with a beautiful gravel beach.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Agiofili beach.

9. Gialos beach

Gialos beachLefkada

Gialos is another endless sandy beach on the west side of the island surrounded by cliffs. It is not so popular and visited like Egremni or Porto Katsiki, so the atmosphere is more relaxing. 

The beach can be reached by a narrow road which leads to village Athani.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Gialos beach.

10. Kalamatisi and Megali Petra beach

Kalamatisi and Megali Petra beach Lefkada

South of the beach Kathisma there are two isolated beaches called Kalamatisi and Megali Petra.

Delightful smooth sand, stunning turquoise sea, and rocks that break the monotony of the landscape make these beaches extremely attractive.

They are not so crowded so these beaches are suitable for relaxing in a peaceful atmosphere.

Not far from here there is Laguna beach. Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Kalamatisi and Megali Petra beach.

11. Mikros Gialos

Mikros Gialos Lefkada

Mikros Gialos is located close to Poros. It is situated on the south side of the island in one of the gulfs which are surrounded by lots of greenery. The beach is composed of gravel and featured by sunbeds and umbrellas.

Found that perfect beach spot in Lefkada, now check prices on accommodation located on Mikros Gialos.

Where to Stay in Lefkada

Luxury Resort on Lefkada

There are a ton of great places to stay all-around Lefkada. From beachside resorts to small B&B’s all with amazing views and great beach access.

In this section, we will break down where are the best places to stay in Lefkada per, Lefkada Town, East Coast, Vassiliki, and Agios Nikitas.

Knowing each location will help you decide where is the best place for you to stay in Lefkada for your vacation.

Resort in Lefkada


Located at the north of the island, Lefkada (Lefkada Town) is the capital. This charming, colorful, waterfront capital offers endless amounts of lodging for all types of travels.

This little capital city has around 8000 residents who live mostly on tourism and agriculture. Its streets are cobblestone filled with many great restaurants. Check out Ianos Hotel.


The East Coast is one of the most popular locations to stay on the Island of Lefkada because of its hotels that sit right on the beach.

They offer rooms with balconies overlooking the beach, it’s a popular choice for vacation goers who don’t really want to do anything else besides relaxing and enjoying the seaside. Check out Hotel Florena Episkopos.

Drone view of Megali Petra beach Lefkada


Vassiliki is located adjacent to Lefkada town. This is where all the popular tourist resorts are and where anyone who is looking for a great resort but wants to experience Lefkada town stays.

It’s easily accessible without a car, so you can simply walk to many of those great restaurants downtown or the seaside. Check out Enodia Hotel.


If you are looking for somewhere quieter, the small town of Agios Nikitas is what you are looking for.

Located 10km from Lefkada Town this is a great little beach town that offers a few large hotels and villas on the hills surrounding the village.

The main streets are lined up with small shopsminimarkets, restaurants, and bars. It’s a little town so car parking can be very difficult exactly from the months of July and August when its main tourist season. 

Check all accommodation availability and prices in Agios Nikitas.

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Lefkada Beaches You Must Visit


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