13 Things to Do in Split, Croatia That You Cannot Miss

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Located around five hours’ drive from the capital Zagreb, Split is a medieval, walled town just over half-way down Croatia’s long, Adriatic coastline.

With all of the incredible things to do in Split, the city has become a firm favorite of party goers and late-night revelers who use the city as a jumping-off point to Hvar island to get up to mischief there.

As Agness herself doesn’t drink, she was in a perfect position to view the city through sober eyes, and discover there’s more to visiting Split than just the boozy fiesta, even if you only have 1 day in Split!

13 Top Things to Do in Split, Croatia

1. Visit the Old Town 

Old Town - things to do in Split Croatia
The old town rooftops of Split.

Much like Dubrovnik to the south and Sibenik and Zadar to the north, Split has a stunningly beautiful old town.

These medieval Croatian settlements have been making recent headlines too – as they featured heavily as filming locations for the Game of Thrones TV series as well as being the distinctive backdrop in many other Hollywood productions.

And it’s no wonder location scouts included Split, with its ancient walls, cobbled streets, and striking fortifications.

There are parts that date back to the 4th century, so if you’re into your history, look no further and enjoy exploring the old town’s ancient, marbled walkways.

One of which is claimed to be the narrowest in the world, the aptly named “Let Me Pass.” Judge for yourself – but don’t get stuck!

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2. The Diocletian Palace

The Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia
One of Split’s most noteworthy attractions.

In an imposing position overlooking Split harbor, you’ll discover the Diocletian Palace.

Built by the Roman emperor Diocletian around 1700 years ago, the palace is an extremely important example of Roman architecture and focal point of the city.

At its heart is the Peristyle Square, arguably Split’s most popular attraction, and it’s a must to enjoy a beverage on the ancient steps while experiencing a regular program of cultural events.

Live music and dance create a lively atmosphere through the summer months and it’s not to be missed.

The nearby Temple of Jupiter is also well worth a visit – but there are plenty of points of interest to keep you entertained within this area.

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3. Froggyland

Froggyland - Things to do in Split, Croatia
Froggyland display. Photo Source: Froggyland

If you’re looking for something really unique while visiting Split, then you mustn’t miss the award-winning Froggyland in the old town center.

The world’s largest display of anthropomorphic, taxidermy frogs is certainly a conversation starter, a great attraction for the kids and we’re sure you’ve never seen anything like it before!

The collection was created over 10 years and completed in 1920, blossoming into 507 frogs in human poses and scenes, from playing tennis and performing gymnastics, to sitting in a classroom or a barber’s chair.

The attention to detail is remarkable. It won’t take you too long to view the hilarious contents of the glass cases, but it’s five bucks very well spent and something you’ll remember for a long time to come.

It’s free for the bambinos, too.

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4. Klis Fortress

Klis Forteress - things to do in Split, Croatia

For some spectacular views, make your way up to Klis Fortress in the surrounding Split hills.

You’ll be able to look out onto a stunning vista of the whole city, the Adriatic Sea and local islands – which is especially breathtaking when viewed at sunset.

The fortress itself is well over 2000 years old, once the seat of Croatian kings after the fall of the Roman Empire.

It is a history buff’s delight – with plenty of ancient stone nooks and crannies to explore.

It’s well worth the 20-minute journey out of the city and has become increasingly popular since Game of Thrones scenes were filmed there.

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5. The Riva

The Riva - things to do in Split, Croatia
The place to see and be seen.

It would be tough not to visit the town without a stroll along its waterfront promenade, punctuated with seemingly endless café bars, restaurants, and eateries.

Running the entire length of the old town, the Riva is the best spot to people watch and enjoy the views of the boats in the harbor and beyond.

This city institution is the perfect place for a morning coffee or evening beer, and it comes alive for festivals and cultural events across the calendar.

It had a makeover recently in 2007, but it was originally designed by Napoleonic general Marshall Marmot.

It is the most important and popular public location in the city, the focal point for any kind of celebration, beit sporting or otherwise. If you’re going to be visiting Split, you literally cannot miss the Riva.

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6. Marjan

Marjan Hill in Split, Croatia
The Marjan Hill viewed from the water.

The Marjan is a hill in the center of the city and much like the Riva, it is very close to the hearts of locals.

It’s a lovely place to go for a stroll when the pace of the city overtakes and is a breath of fresh air with its dense pine forest vegetation.

There are beaches to be discovered and plenty of trails to keep hikers, bikers and joggers happy.

You’ll also find the Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments, the Mestrovic Gallery and St Jerome Church hidden in the greenery, so there’s plenty of culture to soak up as you explore.

The city zoo is also located here and the views back towards Split are delightful. If visiting at the weekend, be prepared to share it with what will seem like the entire city.

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7. Trg Republike – Republic Square

Split Croatia - Republic Square

Known locally as Prokurative, the “Fetivi Splićani” (real Split natives) will rarely call this square by its real name. It’s a beautiful, Neo-Renaissance public space in the city that dates back to the 19th Century.

With heavy influences from Italian architecture of the time (most notably St Mark’s Square in Venice), Prokurative has three sides featuring an attractive, colorful colonnade, while the fourth side is open and offers charming views of Split’s harbor area.

In the summer the square is lively with cafe culture, as well as being the location of a variety of festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

It’ll be all but empty in the wintertime though – which is still perfect if you’re looking to escape the crowds.

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8. Bačvice Beach

Split Croatia cityscape

For your fix of sun, sea and sand, Split has a number of beaches worth looking at as part of a day trip.

However, if you’re more inclined to stay near to home base, make your way to Bačvice – which is the closest beach to the city center.

Located just over a minute’s walk from the old town, you’ll find plenty of locals here cooling off and enjoying a game of picigin – a ball-orientated beach game invented here.

Be warned though – at peak times you’re unlikely to be able to see sand. The beach bars will keep pumping out the music and drinks well into the early hours.

So if you’re looking for peace and quiet by the water you’ll need to look elsewhere. Still, it’s worth a visit at least once to chalk it up to experience.

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9. The Archaeological Museum

Split Archeological Museum
There’s plenty of ancient stuff to see when visiting Split, Croatia.

Anyone with even the slightest interest in history shouldn’t miss Split’s world-class archaeological museum.

Located a short ten-minute walk from town, it houses a fine collection of artifacts from the Palaeolithic to the Iron Age, as well as ancient Greek pottery and discoveries from the Roman settlement of Salona.

Situated in a beautiful building and attractive, landscaped grounds, the museum is one of the oldest in the city, dating back to the beginning of the 19th Century.

Highlights include the largest gem collection in the country, a Graeco-Illyrian warrior helmet from 400 BC and over 70,000 ancient and medieval coins. All that and much more for less than four bucks? Sign me up.

Our top recommended tours you can not miss out on:

10. Salona

city view of Split, Croatia
If you squint, you’ll see Salona at the foot of those mountains.

While we’re on the subject of history, let’s include a day trip to the ancient settlement of Salona.

Located around eight kilometers from the city center, it has changed hands several times, passing between the Illirians, Greeks and Romans down through the years.

Within its crumbling walls, you’ll discover some noteworthy architecture and points of interest, including an aqueduct, forum, public baths and Bishop’s Basilica.

However, it’s most stunning attraction is the ruins of a huge amphitheater that was constructed by the Romans in the second century.

At one time said to be able to hold up to 20,000 people, it was destroyed in the 17th century by Venetians in order to prevent it from being used as a hideout by the Turks.

They would have undoubtedly have made use of the distinctive underground channels that the site is known for.

Given the sheer size of this entertainment venue somewhat clues you in as to the importance of Salona back in the day. Those Romans didn’t mess about. 

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11. Krka National Park and Waterfalls

Krka National Park - things to do in Split Croatia
Time for a dip to cool off from the hot Croatian sun.

Now, this really is an essential day trip when you’re visiting Split. Located just over an hour away from the city, Krka is one of the best national parks in Croatia.

Within its vast expanse is an abundance of forests, glades, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, all interlinked with a number of hiking trails and routes.

It is simply breathtaking – a picture-postcard destination that should be seen at least once in your lifetime – if only to make all your friends jealous of your Instagram.

Unlike Plitvice – Croatia’s number one tourist attraction – you’re allowed to swim at the Krka waterfalls.

As you can imagine, this makes it an incredibly popular place for locals and tourists alike, so a visit in the high season of July and August might be a challenge for some.

For a more natural experience, visit in late September when the weather is sensational and the crowds have dissipated.

Our top recommended tours you can not miss out on:

12. Hvar

City of Hvar - things to do in Split
Stunning shoreline of Hvar, Croatia

The nearby island of Hvar deserves to be squeezed into an article about Split, as many holidaymakers use the city as their gateway to the archipelago and beyond.

As you might expect there are beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear Adriatic waters, and delicious local food and drink to indulge in.

Hvar Town is the central hub, and its beautiful 13th-century charm still manages to keep non-party animals occupied. But make no mistake – this is shenanigans central, and the nightlife isn’t for the faint of heart.

There’s a reason it’s known as the Croatian Ibiza. If you’re not that way inclined you are advised to stay away!

Our top recommended tours you can not miss out on:

13. Party Time!

Kuna - Croatia currency
The Kuna – Croatia’s currency.

Split is a vibrant coastal city with something for everyone, but predominantly something for those who enjoy a good party.

It attracts a great deal of the drinking crowd, and they’re catered for with the abundance of Mojito stands scattered through the streets, lubricating visitors and getting the good times rolling.

For those who don’t partake, it would be advisable to go during the shoulder seasons of spring or autumn.

There’s still plenty to see and do – particularly with a historical significance – if you prefer the past to the party. Or, when visiting Split, why not do both?!

Our top recommended tours you can not miss out on:


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