The Jordan Pass: Is It Worth It? Plus How to Maximize Your Ticket

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The Jordan pass is the ultimate sightseeing ticket. Use just one ticket for all of the great archaeological sites throughout Jordan. From the stunning Rose Red City of Petra to the Roman Ruins in Jerash, this pass is tailor-made for all types of visitors.

Why not get the most out of your trip by visiting the top sights and attractions while saving time, money and stress. Once we arrived in Jordan we were ready to see all of the sights. We only had eight days and we had to use those days wisely to see all of the top sights.

We always try to get the most out of traveling to each country but in some countries, we have to assess, is it worth spending money to see an attraction or should we put our money towards another attraction. Sometimes you miss out because you just don’t want to spend that money and be disappointed.

Our recommended travel guide: Lonely Planet Jordan

How to Maximize the Jordan Pass

First things first, is the Jordan Pass worth it? Having traveled to Jordan, purchased the pass and used it, we can say without hesitation that it is. Having the pass makes your travels withing Jordan seamless. 

No waiting in lines, no trying to figure out ticket prices and no language barriers. You can walk right up to the ticket booth, show the pass, collect your ticket and enter the site. 

For ease of convenience alone, it is worth it. The savings you get on all the sites is a bonus. Plus you get your entry visa into Jordan free of charge if you stay 3 nights.

Yes, absolutely, it is worth it. 

Jerash Ruins - Jordan Pass

Why Should I Purchase the Jordan Pass?

With the Jordan pass, we did not have to worry about that, it gave us the freedom to see every sight without worrying. The Jordan pass not only bundles the cost of over forty sites at a lower rate, but it also saved us money on visas!

The cost of your tourist entry visa is included in the pass. The visa currently costs 40 JD for a single entry. Instant savings! The cost of one Jordan pass is 70 JD.

Basic math for us from the USA a visa is 40 JD and Petra cost 50 JD, that’s more than a Jordan pass cost and you get to see 40 plus sites.

Our time matters, as we take more time than the typical tourist because we are shooting photographs and videos. When we are with a group this is hard due to only having an hour or so at each sight.

Why waste time in a line at a ticket counter when you can be enjoying everything Jordan has to offer, save time and bypass the crowd and see more at every sight?

You can plan out your trip before you touch down on the ground with the free downloadable digital brochures covering all of Jordan’s tourist attractions. Just download what brochures you want and enjoy them on our flight or while heading from one great sight to the next.

While at each site use the guide feature, this will give you an insider’s look at what’s to do and see, along with tips and information that you will not find anywhere else.

Ruins in Amman, Jordan

Which Jordan Pass Should I Purchase?

Choose the package that fits you. The Jordan pass comes in 3 categories to suit all kinds of visits. All packages are almost the same but some include multiple-day visits to Petra.

Note: Since the Petra by night is a separate event at Petra, it’s not included.

  • Wanderer: (70 JD)  1-day visit to Petra, Free entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan, waves visa entry fees with a minimum of three-night stays.
  • Explorer: (74 JD)  2-day visit to Petra, Free entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan, waves visa entry fees with a minimum of three-night stays.
  • Expert: (80 JD) 3-day visit to Petra, Free entry to over 40 attractions in Jordan, waves visa entry fees with a minimum of three-night stays.

Our recommended travel guide: Lonely Planet Jordan

Jerash, Jordan ruins

Where Can I Purchase a Jordan Pass?

Buy the Jordan pass from the comfort of your own home here. Just pick what pass works best for you. Purchase the pass and print it out or save it to your smartphone. It’s that easy.

The Jordan Pass is valid for use within 12 months following the date of purchase. Once activated it will expire within 2 weeks.

Ancient city of Petra Jordan

How to Use the Jordan Pass

It’s simple and easy. Head to the entry point of the attraction. Don’t go to the ticket booth but head right to the entry point because you have your Jordan Pass. The ticket worker will take their scanner and scan your pass.

Then you’re on your way to explore the site. 

The Jordan pass was nice and simple to use. We did not have to wait in lines for entry into the top attractions. Great for all visitors coming to Jordan, a must-have if you are planning to check the top archaeological sites and get a free visa on arrival!

Sights that are included in the Jordan Pass

Considering the number of sights that are included, the Jordan Pass offers considerable value. By purchasing the pass, you are given entry to the following sites:

  • Petra
  • Jerash
  • Wadi Rum
  • Amman Citadel
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Umm Qais
  • Oasr Al-Azraq
  • Quseir Amra
  • Karak Castle
  • Pella
  • Al Hallabat
  • Umm Ar-Rasas
  • Umm Qais Museum
  • Umm Al-Jimal
  • Shobak Castle
  • Mukawir/Machaerus
  • Museum of Popular Traditions Amman
  • Jordan Archaeological Museum
  • Aqaba Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Museum
  • As-Salt Museum
  • St. Elijah’s Hill (Tal Mar Elias)
  • Dar Al-Saraya Museum – Irbid
  • Karak Museum
  • Iraq Al-Amir
  • Oasr Al-Kharrarah
  • Roman Theatre Amman
  • Qasr Al-Mushatta
  • Qasr Hammam Al-Sarh
  • As-Salt Historical Museum
  • Madaba Archaeological Park
  • Church of the Apostles
  • Burnt Palace – Madaba
  • Lowest Point on Earth Museum
  • Aqaba Castle
  • Rehab / Al-Mafraq
  • Al-Hamimah

Sights that are not included in the ticket:

  • Baptism Site
  • Mount Nebo
  • The Church of the Map in Madaba
  • The Jordan Museum in Amman
  • The Royal Automobile Museum
  • The popular candlelit Petra By Night walk
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