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There is no wonder why Swakopmund is the adventure capital of Namibia. It is here that the Atlantic Ocean meets the hot Namib desert creating a contrast of colors you can only experience from the sky.For the adrenaline junkies, like Lina and I, what better way to see Swakopmund but from the sky on a 10,000 tandem skydive.

Ever since our first skydive in New Zealand, we have been itchy to do it again and even though I have done it before I couldn’t hide the butterflies in my stomach as I jumped into the little Cessna airplane to take off. With the dirt tarmac rolling past as we gained speed, the runway got smaller as we rose up into the air. It was time to sit back and enjoy the views of the Skeleton Coast to one side and the bright yellow Namib desert to the other side. The scenic ascent of this adventure was no more than thirty minutes heading up before it was time to prepare for the jump.

The screaming of the airplane engine slowed down and the pilot signaled to the tandem master that it was time to jump.  The side door rolled up and the wind hit us as we made our way to the door. My videographer climbed out on to the wing of the airplane waiting for us as we hung over the edge. At that moment, I gave out a last smile and we jumped out of the plane.

Skydiving Namibia Africa

Why use a Videographer?

Part of the fun in skydiving is reviewing the photos and video after your jump. It is also better to have a videographer because they make you do things while you’re free falling. If you just jump with a dive master, there’s no one to give you fist bumps or to entice you to do fun things in the air. Instead, you just look down at the landscape, which is nice to do but you can do that when your shoot opens.

Do not be worried about what they may get, that’s the fun of it. Watching you screaming like a little girl as you jump out of the airplane. It’s always worth the extra money. Yes another option is to jump with a GoPro strapped to your dive masters arm but that will not give a video that you would want to show off to your friends.

Skydiving Namibia Africa

Free Falling Over Nambia

With my heart going a million beats per hour and about to jump out of my chest we were on our way. Here we go, free falling for a quick 10 seconds, with the wind tearing at my jump suit as we fell. The force was so powerful that my cheeks flapped in the wind as we fell through the sky. My dive master pretty much let me do anything I wanted on this jump, with the camera man egging me on, we had our fun.

Free falling 10,000 feet above the Namib desert, fist bumping, giving high fives and saluting as we fell. It was a blast trying to do things as we fell. Simple task like moving my arms was hard, so imagine trying to fist bump or even just give a simple high five.

Before I knew it my dive master gave a tap on my right shoulder and I knew that our free fall was over. My cameraman moved off in his own direction to beat us to the ground and we opened up our chute. Once the shoot opened up we quickly shot up into the air as the air grabbed the parachute slowing us down to a slow swinging fall.

Skydiving Namibia Africa

Floating over the Namib Desert

Once the parachute opened it was time for me to pull off those silly goggles and take over the controls. By pulling sharply on one side of my chute cords I could whip sharply to the side. After I had fun whipping to one side it was time to have a go at the other side. I really could feel the G’s as I held it to one side. As the ground came closer into view, the tandem master pointed out a few things like the huge sundial next to the runway that marked not only North and South but what time it was.

Once the chute is open it is like being on a large swing just slowly floating in the air as the ground gets closer. This is the calm after the storm part of the skydive. The landing part takes longer than the freefall but it is always nice to feel that dirt tarmac under my feet again.

After a quick celebration it was time to grab a nice cold beer with all of the crew members to celebrate the day of successful skydiving. The views above Swakopmund were unbelievable and there’s no wonder why this is one of the top skydiving places in the world. It’s not every day you get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Will we do it again? I think you can count on that.

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