Cloud 9 Fiji: Is it Worth Visiting?

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Cloud 9 Fiji is one of the most popular things to do in Fiji. They tout a floating bar with drinks and fresh, hand made pizza floating in the middle of a turquoise lagoon.

One of the most paradisiacal places in the world, Fiji is a haven for luxury and lifestyle travelers. If you are planning a vacation to the beautiful island country of Fiji, you have to visit all the gorgeous islands and attractions that the place has to offer.

Cloud 9 Fiji is one of such spectacular attractions that deserve your undivided attention, so set aside a complete day to explore this floating slice of heaven.

Cloud Nine in Fiji is a true one-of-a-kind two-level floating pizzeria and bar, often considered as a private island since only a limited number of visitors are welcomed aboard each day.

It is not only just a floating bar and restaurant but also a fabulous water sports retreat for adventure aficionados.

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Cloud 9 Fiji: Is it Worth Visiting?

How to Get to Cloud 9 Fiji

Cloud 9 Fiji Bar

There are multiple ways to get to Cloud 9 Fiji but trying to source them all can be confusing. Find below some of the popular and more frequent services that you can choose for traveling back and forth from the heavenly Cloud 9:

  • Nadi, in Viti Levu, is the closest proper town to Cloud Nine Fiji. If you are in Viti Levu, you can either take a boat from Port Denarau or from Wailoaloa. The transfer time is between 45 minutes to an hour. There are two boat options, the speedboat, and the slow boats. The slow boats are owned and operated by Cloud 9.
  • If you are staying at one of the island resorts in Mamanuca, simply ask your reception desk staff and they should be able to arrange a water taxi or a boat for you. The transfer time between your island resort to Cloud Nine Fiji shouldn’t be more than 15-20 minutes. This is a great option because most boats head back home around 2:30 so if you are staying in the area come after 2:30 and have Cloud 9 pretty much to your self.
  • You can also book directly with Cloud 9 for a day trip (check for timing on their website as they have more than a couple of them) and they will arrange a return boat transfer for you. The transfer takes around an hour to 75 minutes one way on a 24 passenger boat. They normally run two full boats and this is when most of the people get there. The plus side to this is that by booking directly with Cloud 9 you will arrive before everyone, this allows you to chose a beach chair before anyone else. All other boats must wait until their boats arrive, sorry speed boats you’ll have to just do donuts.

Book your Cloud 9 experience today before the day you want is sold out! 

Location of Cloud 9 Fiji

Location of Cloud 9 Fiji

Quite literally in the middle of the ocean floating above a turquoise lagoon, Cloud 9 Fiji has lately repositioned itself to the stunning Ro Ro Reef.

This is a part of the Mamanuca Islands and is very close to the mainland of Viti Levu, one of the two most popular islands in Fiji.

Food and Beverages

Beer at Cloud 9 Fiji

One of the most tempting factors about being on Cloud Nine Fiji is their fully stocked bar with the most premium international alcohol brands, lip-smacking cocktails and cocktails.

Also, their top-class gourmet Italian wood fire pizzas that cater to vegetarians, non-vegetarians as well as guests with special gluten-free requirements.

Their delectable wood fire pizzas are lovingly handmade by the in-house Fijian Chef.

Everything works on a credit system, there is no cash on Cloud 9. On our tour, we received an FJD60 credit to spend on food and drinks. Everything was logged at the bar under each of our names.

You can utilize the credit how you like and we were able to share one pizza and each enjoys 3 beers. If we wanted anything extra we could have used our credit card. They take VISA, Mastercard and American Express Credit Cards.

If you’d like your experience to be more Fijian than international, try the local goodness of Fiji Gold, Fiji Rum Co, and Fiji Bitter. Bottled water and soda are also available for those who do not drink alcohol.

Note: You can not bring any food or alcohol to Cloud 9 Fiji.

Type of Music To Expect

Bar and Grill at Cloud 9 Fiji

Although there is not a resident DJ or music genre, one thing is certain – depending on the mood, ambiance, and sometimes the day of the week, Cloud 9 Fiji has an extraordinary line up of great international DJ’s.

They play the latest tracks as well as their own signature sounds every day of the week.

However, if you are vacationing in a large group and would prefer a specific DJ from their list, feel free to make a request and more often than not the staff at Cloud 9 will be happy to cater to your suggestions.

This makes it the perfect venue for groups of friends celebrating a birthday or other anniversary.

To know more about their planned gigs for the days of your travel, follow their social media handles and stay up to date with their upcoming events and programs.


Seats at Cloud 9 Fiji

You are on Cloud 9 and it has everything. There are 2 environmentally friendly marine toilets for guests to use onboard, one for males and one for females.

For your comfort, there are day beds, long chairs, benches, and tables. Seats can get claimed quickly so it is best to be on one of those first boats.

The top platform has four covered day beds otherwise it’s uncovered long chairs. The lower deck has mostly large day beds that can be covered if there’s the sun or uncovered if there is the limited sun.

There is bar type seating along the edge where you can sit and have a drink. There is also a jumping platform on the top deck where you can jump from two stories into the crystal clear water.

Reef Snorkeling

Drone view of Cloud 9 Fiji

Where else can you snorkel around amazing coral reefs while you wait for your delicious pizza to come out of the oven? Fiji is famous for its stunning coral reefs and is known as the world’s soft coral capital.

Needless to say, Cloud 9, with its supreme location in the heart of the ocean surrounded by surreal turquoise water and amazing lagoon views is home to hundreds of coral reefs and an abundance of marine life.

While aboard, you can go snorkeling amidst the wonderful reefs of the Mamanuca Islands to explore the underwater world for yourself.

Can I Use A Drone at Cloud 9 Fiji?

David Stock at Cloud 9 Fiji - Drone

Drones are allowed when visiting Cloud 9 Fiji and there are no restrictions when flying them in the area. On a normal day, they have anywhere from 2-5 flying around. It’s best to fly from the upper deck.

We found a spot in the corner that worked great since we could then control the area. You will have to have someone hold on to it for take-off and play catch when landing it.

There’s not much room and there are a lot of people, so if you are inexperienced its best to leave it at home.

Other Things to Do Near Cloud 9

Diving off Cloud 9 Fiji

If you think Cloud 9 atop the wonderful waters of Fiji is just another fancy middle-of-the-water restaurant to feast on good pizza and sipping on cocktails, you are in for a surprise ride of your life.

Although the two-level pizzeria and bar is a great destination for some relaxation (the greatest of all), there is so much more to do around its location of the Ro-Ro Reef and Mamanuca Islands.


Get there in the early morning to take advantage of their 30 minute or 1 hour-long island tour to visit the world-famous “Cloudbreak.”

Don’t forget to pack your surfboard because of Cloudbreak is known for its impressive surf breaks. Cloudbreak definitely gives you an extra edge on your adrenaline rush! Indulge in a challenge with your mates on who can catch the biggest and baddest Fiji surf breaks.


If you are not a keen surfer, you may want to get involved with an enthralling parasailing experience over the bright blue waters surrounding Cloud Nine Fiji.

Book your Cloud 9 experience today before the day you want is sold out! 

Private Events

Drone view of Cloud 9 Fiji

Cloud 9 is also a popular venue to host grand private events. The “floating paradise” is open to private bookings such as birthday parties, wedding functions, bachelor and bachelorettes, or any other event that requires some private space.

The entire platform can be hired for a half-day or a full-day, depending on your requirements.

Some of the past events that have been hosted by Cloud 9 include American Survivor, Blue Sky (New Zealand), and Your Paradise Festival (Australia).

Day Trips and Exclusive Hire

If you book through the official website of Cloud 9 Fiji you are offered various day trips and exclusive hire packages.

For instance, you can book their 09:15 AM Day Trip package for FJD229.00 which runs for approximately 7 hours and would include return hotel transfers, return boat transfers from the platform, and a $60 bar tab.

With this package, you can enjoy the relaxing and luxurious vibes of Cloud 9 for just the right amount of time and cherish all the brilliant features that the venue and its surroundings have to offer.

For larger groups, personal or professional, the “exclusive hire” package lets you rent the whole platform for 4 hours (available in two different time slots) for $10,000 – the amount is entirely redeemable at the restaurant and bar for pizza and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages as well as snorkeling gear and other merchandise.

Our Visit to Cloud 9 Fiji

View from Cloud 9 Fiji

Our visit to Cloud 9 Fiji was literally the last thing we did in the country. We were staying in Nadi and had a late flight out the next morning so we decided to book tickets and spend the day floating in paradise.

The timing was perfect for us, leaving plenty of time once we returned to Nadi for a shower and travel to the airport.

We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that the venue provided and spent our time doing exactly what you’re supposed to do in a place like this, swimming, eating and enjoying a local beer.

We also met plenty of other travelers and shared stories of our travels in Fiji. If you have the time, we highly recommend checking it out for a laid back day on the water.

Book your Cloud 9 experience today before the day you want is sold out! 

Where to Stay in Denarau, Fiji

You really can’t go wrong with any of the hotels in the Denarau area. Most Fiji accommodations boast the perfect beachfront location overlooking the Mamanuca Islands that are great for your family holiday or couples getaway.

The size of properties ranges from large luxury resorts to small more private resorts.

Below we have put together the best places to stay in Denarau, Fiji based on luxury, mid-range, budget, and hostels.

All of the listed accommodations are centrally located next to or near the Denarau Port where all of the day trips and multi-day trips leave from.

Here are a few of our top recommended accommodations to fit any budget: 

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Cloud 9 Fiji


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