Renting A Scooter in Phuket Thailand (Everything You Need To Know)

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Who doesn’t want total freedom to travel around a beautiful island? Should you rent a scooter in Phuket? YES! You should absolutely rent a scooter in Phuket and prepare for a unique adventure on a busy island.

There are always a few key things from each adventure that sticks out in my mind when I’m on the road and in Phuket, Thailand one not to forget was our own scooter adventures.  It certainly was not my Harley but it worked!

Renting a scooter was easy, we rented one right from our hostel. All they needed was our passports and some cash.  We thought ahead and went to AAA before we left to get our International Drivers License.

They didn’t ask us for them but did take down the information from them when we volunteered them.  For us a helmet was a must, I’m funny enough without hitting my head on the streets of Thailand.

Scooter rental

Renting a Scooter in Phuket

Our scooter was an Automatic so it was easy to work, just give it gas and go! We will call it the little red Honda. Have you ever driven in 5-6 wide lines of bikes but the real lines are only a car wide? Well, that is what it is like. 

Going down streets, hills and curves were fun. You just kind of flow with traffic, so if there’s a car stopped in the street you go around it, you may go around it on the sidewalk or shoulder but you just follow all of the other bikes whizzing in and out of traffic.

Yes, it’s kind of crazy, but everyone is nice and watches out for each other. But don’t expect Thai drivers to be driving with the same respect for the driving rules as most drivers in your country do- they have their own set of rules!

That includes going through red lights if no one is coming and driving on the wrong side of the road! As far as the road conditions, they were well paved and smooth so even an inexperienced biker will be able to rent one and have fun.

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People will be honking horns like crazy.  Some just to say hey I’m turning or watch out don’t you see me or hey pretty lady or you’re going to slow! No matter what, just don’t let it get to you, honk back if you want! It’s all part of the culture.

The day we rented our little red Honda we took it beach hopping along the West and South sides of Phuket. From Patong to Kata & Karon was about a 20-minute drive.

Most of the drive is outside of the city and you can enjoy a beautiful jungle landscape and some pretty awesome views of the coast from the higher overlook spots. You just kind of go at your own pace and take it however it comes at you.

Keep your eye out for people running across the street. We saw one bike that had almost flipped over because someone ran right out in front of them!

Scooter rental Phuket Thailand Gas Station

~ Tequila or Gas? You decide. ~

We filled up at one of the street stations near the hostel and never had to stop for gas again. They don’t have traditional gas stations so you will see people on the streets with liquor bottles in baskets. This is your gas station!

The rates are fair and they are happy to fill you up.  At first, we thought maybe they were tequila or something like that. One day will only use a tank of gas and there are tons you can see.

We did do our fair share of walking, but we enjoy that. We either walked or rented a scooter. Don’t hesitate to rent one, get out there and have your scooter adventure today.

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17 thoughts on “Renting A Scooter in Phuket Thailand (Everything You Need To Know)”

  1. I don’t think renting scooter is that safe in phuket. I rented a scooter and paid 5000 bhatt as security deposit but while returning the scooter , the shopkeeper did not pay me back my 5000 bhatt. He started fighting and speaking abusive language. So I would suggest do not trust these locals and avoid renting scooter and paying any deposit. Never give your passport at any cost as security deposit while renting anything. The police over here is not at all helpful. We tried contacting the police but no good response.

    • Well, it won’t be a problem with the police – we have seen up to 6 people on a scooter before in Thailand! Safety is entirely dependent on where you are driving and what kind of a driver you are. If you have experience and your 6yo knows how to be a good rider, then I would guess you’d be fine but I can’t really say. It’s up to you to make that judgement. Enjoy Thailand!

    • Hi Brandon, the price will definitely vary depending on where you rent the bike but it is still affordable. A full day rental is around 200-250THB for a daily rental plus whatever you spend in gas. Have fun!

  2. Going in Dec and can’t wait to scoot around, staying at Centara Karon Resort, any suggestions ofor a reputable dealer close by? Appreciate any suggestions.

    • Hi Vince, Nada. Your hotel will probably have a couple to rent. If not, you can ask them for recommendations. Cheers and enjoy Phuket!

  3. I am thinking of getting a scooter for my next trip in Phuket next month…. but the fact is I just tried driving it one time in Phuket (the uphill road at the north side of Patong beach) and I even did not have a proper license!!

    If I am going to get a scooter, I will properly head to south side (Phromthep Cape, Big Buddha). Should I take the risk of having the freedom of travelling or just hire a driver to get in these places ?

    • Leo, take the risk and have the freedom. It’s easy to get around with a scooter, Yes it gets busy and it can be nuts. However, everyone is nice and will point you on your way if your lost or they will stop and help if you’re having issues. Head South and have a killer scooter adventure! I want to hear about it when you get back! Travel On!

  4. Yes! I always rent scooters wherever I go (or bicycles if I’m feeling sporty…so aka never) and I’ve never had any problems. It gives you so much more freedom to go where you want and explore at your own pace.

  5. Thank you for the advice. Scootering around is such a fun way to visit a new place. I’ll make note of this for our trip to Phuket!

  6. I dont have experience of riding motor bikes. However, I drive in a city which has the same traffic conventions like Phuket. So I am a lil hesitant in getting one of these automatic scooties during my planned visit in January. Any suggestions?

    • Hmmm, if you have no experience driving motorbikes or motorcycles then I would not recommend it. It is different than driving a car and in the traffic you will be presented with, not a great place to learn. Maybe try it a few times at home before you make a decision. Cheers!

  7. Great post! Looks like it would be fun! We’re planning on going to Phuket in March 2015 and this is one of those questions that we’ve been asking ourselves. As an ex motorcyclist I’m a bit scared, but I’m sure we’ll be ok!

    • Yea you will be fine. It is a little hectic but nothing that someone with some experience can’t handle. You’ll have a great time.


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